Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Things I Missed About California When I Was in Japan.

When I was in Japan, there were many things I missed about California. And when I came back, some of those things were even more evident. Here is some of the things I missed about California when I was in Japan.

The casualness. I really missed this. I remember when I first arrived in LA and when I was at the airport I asked one of the guys working at customs if I could borrow a pen, and he said, "sure,  but you have to use it here because people jack it." He was covered it tattoos and using slang. That would not happen in Japan's customs at any airport, they are extremely polite and keep the public face mentality and being appropriate. Clothes also fall into the casualness. I missed wearing sweats and a hoodie when I was too lazy to think of an outfit, you would stand out if you wore that in Tokyo. 
Chillin' at other people's places for hang outs. It's not common to go hang out at someone's place in Japan. Most of the time, you guys meet up somewhere near the station and go somewhere else. I've only been to a few of my close friend's house but that was just my friends from Chiba. Which sucks because just chillin' in comfortable clothes and talking for hours is something I love doing with my friends. More than anything tbh. But me and Lyy often did this still.
The washers. I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like washers in Japan are much weaker than the ones in California. It could have also been my washer at my dorm though, I don't know. But I felt like it didn't really wash the clothes too well. So I would really miss the washers back in California. 
The smoothies. I live off of smoothies. Green smoothies and fruit smoothies are my life. Fruit is expensive in Japan so smoothies were also very expensive. And to buy your own fruit for smoothies can also be expensive. It was really depressing, but I gave in and bought some expensive smoothies sometimes.  
Night Drives. Although I really like trains, I did miss driving myself to places at times. Or more, just driving for pleasure. It's no surprise I'm into cars, and I love the feeling of driving late at night when the roads are empty, while listening to some chill music, with no particular destination in mind. It's a nice feeling that I can't describe. I was lucky to still experience this with Toshi, though he was the one driving. 
Whole grain wheat/fruits. I really missed this. In California, everything I eat is whole grain, wheat, brown rice, etc. I don't like white bread, though I can eat it with pastries. I am fine with white rice, but I prefer brown rice. It tastes healthier and is healthier. But this stuff was hard to find in Japan, and it was expensive when found. Which leads to the fruit. Fruit of course, is known to be expensive in Japan. 100 yen for an apple in Japan when we can get a pound of apples for that much. I would still get my apples though. I couldn't live without them. 
Not having to order something at a restaurant. In California, when you go to a restaurant, not everyone has to order. This is convenient for when your friend wants to go out but you have no money so you just drink your beverage while your friend eats, it sounds weird but college students do this a lot. Or, we just say we are sharing and share or something. But in Japan, most places you have to order something if you go with your friend. The restaurant/cafe makes you, even if it is a drink you need to order something. That didn't help when most of the time you went out it was to a cafe so majority of the time you were forced to spend money.

Just a few of the things I missed when I was in Japan and I'm glad to have back. I'm sure I am going to miss it again when I go back, still won't be till a while though. I will be graduating soon and looking for a full time job. I already picked my classes for my last quarter. Excited to be graduating!

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