Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Things I Miss About Japan.

I originally wrote this post when I was getting ready to leave Japan and never managed to post it, but I decided I wanted to post it now because, why not? This will be in future tense since I wrote it in Japan btw.

Walking everywhere. This is something I will miss like crazy. I honestly was excited to walk everywhere when I came to Japan and though it sucks in the summer, it is honestly so nice to just walk on your own, listen to music, and enjoy the city. I love walking to the station, walking the grocery store, walking to eat somewhere, it is just a nice change of pace from always using a car. 
Everything being so close. Yes, this is also something I will miss. Having three grocery stores, many ramen shops, sushi places, gyudon, etc. in walking distance is nice. I seriously love it. Maybe's it' just the place I live at or maybe it's a city thing or probably both, it's still nice to have everything so close which also ties in walking to places. 
Konbinis. Oh konbinis, you have saved me many times. When I was dying of hunger, craving something, needing to print something, you were there lol. Seriously the many things konbinis do are amazing and though they can sometimes be pricey, they are still very convenient for the most part. And definitely could not have lived without them during my time in Japan (and I am not exaggerating lol). 
Trains. I had a love/hate relationship with trains, being from California and used to driving oneself around. But for the most part, I will miss the trains. I really enjoyed just sitting on the train for an hour, reading a book, listening to music, and just chilling on my way to class. Or after a long day or being out, just sitting on the train and sleeping was nice too. I remember when I first came here and saw people sleeping on the train I thought, "WTF?? What if they miss their stop?" but you actually get used to waking up in time haha. Will definitely miss the trains, one thing I hated about having cars is paying for gas :/ 
Dressing Up. Another love/hate relationship, but more love than anything lol. In Tokyo, it's more common to dress up and it's rare to ever be "too dressed up." I love being able to wear heels to go school, wear bright red lipstick, nice dresses, etc without having people look at you like, "WTF where is she going? A party? A club? Calm down, hoe it's only school." Seriously, this is common mentality people have when you dress up at school at a UC. They think you are shallow and stupid, but sometimes it's nice to get done up without a reason. But, it's also nice to go to class in sweats and a hoodie which is not the best idea to do in Tokyo (well Keio) if you don't want to draw attention to yourself, which also sucked. But yes, dressing up to go to school, random outings, and meeting with friends, is nice and I will miss it. But still plan to do it more when I go back to California. Note: I have not dressed up more since being in California, sadly. 
Sushi. Suuuushhhhhiiiii. This is something I am going to miss like crazy. I mean, I would eat sushi at least one a week, sometimes multiple times a day. I love ginger and I love wasabi so this was the thing that fueled my addiction to sushi. I seriously do not know how I am going to stand going back to California and not eating sushi religiously like I did here. Sushi is known to be pricey in California so, yup :[ lol 
How safe Japan is. Yeah, I am definitely going to miss this the most. I like being able to go out at random hours of the night or come home really late or just walk somewhere on my own without having to worried about something happening. I always got random urges to walk around in the middle of the night and I couldn't do this is America without having to worry about something possibly happening. But in Japan, I never have to worry about that. 
Lots of places to see in close proximity. In the Tokyo are, there are lots of places to go. Even if you basically do the same thing, it's nice to change the scenery. There's Harajuku, Shibuya, Kamakura, Yokohama, Odaiba, etc. It's nice to be like "hey want to go to a shrine today?" or "hey, let's get crepes in Harajuku" or just go to a cafe in any area (because you can find a cafe in almost any area) and just chill and talk for hours with a friend. Though it can be pricey as fuck, it was still nice to have this option and I will definitely miss being able to easily go anywhere by train and do something in a different area. In California, it takes forever to go somewhere new and when you do get there, you have to drive everywhere T__T definitely, less convenient. 
Japanese money. This is going to be a weird one, but I'm going to miss how crisp the 1,000 plus yen were. U.S. dollars are hardly ever crisp, they are usually crumpled but in Japan it's the opposite. It's so nice to deal with such clean and pretty money, but then again in the U.S. I just always used my card :p lol
Cafes. Most of the time that I spent out was at cafes chilling and talking with friends. I loved it. There aren't much cafes in California, just restaurants, and it's not the same. 

I pretty much got all the stuff I would miss right. I miss all these things like crazy. Of course there are a lot more tbh but these are the main ones. I'm working hard to save up money to go back to Japan but shit happens. We will see how soon I go back, money's always the issue isn't it?

I made a post about things I missed about California when I cam back so I'll post that eventually as well. It's good to have both sides.

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