Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mini Trip to Cancun.

Some big and awesome news! This June, me and my family will be going to Cancun for a family vacation as a graduation present to me and my older sister for graduating. I'm be getting my BA and she will be getting her MA. 

At first I wasn't too keep of going to Cancun because I am not too fond of beaches, but in Cancun there is the Yucatan peninsula where the Mayan ruins are. You guys have no idea how important these ruins are to me, I took an art history class about Mesoamerica and I loved learning about the Mayans the most. So to be able to go and see the ruins and the art I studied, will be so rewarding.

Also, my father was a history teacher in Mexico and went to the Mayan ruins when he was younger, so it would be nice for him to go back and tell us the history. He loves talking about history.

Not only this, but Cancun is famous for their cenotes :D I think in English is waterholes? It has been on my bucket-list to go to one and I didn't know that the main one I wanted to go to was in Cancun so this is just another thing to cross off my bucket list! :]

I'm so excited. Mayan ruins and cenotes, here I come :D

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