Monday, February 9, 2015

love yo'self fool.

So many of these yo'self posts lol.

Today I got done up for the first time in a while! I don't think people realize how much I love to do my hair and makeup, or even better, get it done! It's just such a lovely feeling. Even with me bumming it to class in sweats, I felt good because of my hair and makeup lol.

Anyways, today I decided to fit in a photoshoot. I've been wanting to shoot but I've had no time at all because of school and work. Mondays are my chill days, I just have class and I wanted to stay in but I decided to just go and do a shoot. Because it's lingerie!! A v-day lingerie shoot? Yes.

I sucked it up, woke up early and did and all day type of shoot. My love for lingerie is strong lol.

Excited for the photos and scared, as always lol.

V-day is this Saturday, and my original plans was to go home after work, dress up in lingerie, eat chocolate, and watch a chick-flick. What a great way to spend v-day right? I wanted to do it in Japan but was too lazy to buy lingerie lol.

I don't get why people see Valentine's Day as a shitty reminder of being alone? I only felt like that the year after I broke up with my ex which makes sense. Afterwards I forgot about Valentine's day and then I just didn't care for it even if I remembered.

But, I decided to use it as a day to dress up! I read something on tumblr which explains my feelings exactly and it is by one of my favorite bloggers, Helaine Tieu.

Post from Helaine

This is so accurate. 

So many people depend on someone else to love them in order to love themselves. People should learn to love themselves and not depend on someone to make them feel better about themselves. Love yo'self fool.

I still have a shit load of insecurities, and am still working on the loving myself. But, I definitely do not get bitter when it comes to being alone which many people are.

I don't understand what's wrong with being alone. It's the time to know more about yourself, what you want and don't want, and what you're not going to settle for. I've talked about this before a while ago.

Anywho, spend V-day a good way and treat yourself to something nice! Those were my originals plans but I might hang out with some friends now which actually kinda bums me out lol. Oh well, there is always next year!

Btw, am I still stoked to see Blink-182? Hell yes. Been playing their songs and getting pumped up lol.

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