Friday, January 9, 2015

Roommate Bonding Time Round Two.

Yesterday was the first time in forever I went out. To be honest, I was going to think of an excuse to not go because I was just feeling anti-social lol. But, Hiromi really wanted to go, and I thought it would be good to get to know my new roommates. 

It ended up being a good decision. 

We were getting ready to go to DTF, Downtown Fullerton. Last time I was there it wasn't fun at all. But I think you need to be with the right people. 

We pre-gamed with some whiskey shots, 3 to be exact then we made our way to Fullerton. 

We weren't going to do any clubbing, just go to a bar. The same bar I went to before with the fish bowl drinks. We got one to share and drank it all and talked a bit about ourselves. Main topic was boys since we were at a bar lol.

Trying to find out our types and if we were single or not. 

My roommates looked at my type and said I liked the bad boys. Honestly, not sure how I feel about that. I've always had a thing for the bad boys I guess, now that I think about my past crushes like Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Spike and TVD's Damon and Enzo but real life? I don't know.

Anyways, turns out all of us but one were single and so that meant we were getting ready to have fun and be wingwomen haha.

We went to the bar next door where people started dancing and having a good time. We were al dancing together for a bit but it seriously got super hot and I didn't like how crowded it was and neither did Hiromi, so we decided to step outside for a bit.

We ended up walking around and just looking for a konbini where we could get some food. But American konbini's suck -.- we just talked and walked a lot of the time. We probably spent more time outside than in the bar lol. I spoke to Hiromi in Japanese to practice during this time as well.

While we were walking we ended up meeting some guys here and there.

There was one guy who was half Mexican and half Japanese who was helping his friend throw up in the trash can. She was really nice tho, and we exchanged contact info. Or maybe she gave me his number because she messaged me saying something about me messaging him would be good. I don't know -.- lol

This other guy ended up walking by with his friends and stopped and talked to me and Hiromi. He was really interested but I was like nah lol. But he was cute so after a bit of talking and some jabs to his ego I gave him my number lol.

Anyways, our roommates found us and we stopped by McDonalds for fries and headed home. We got home around 2:30pm and knocked out.

It was really fun, good decision to go out. Had a small hangover the next day, but it was still good lol.

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