Saturday, January 3, 2015

Back to that school life.

I'm moving out to Irvine tomorrow. I thought I would be more excited, but I am actually dreading school. I'm honestly tired of reading textbooks, writing essays, and taking tests. Hopefully because this quarter I am taking education classes it will be more interesting rather than taking literature classes.

I am taking two education classes, one is "Issues in K-12" and the other is "Teaching English Internationally." I'm hoping the teaching English one will help me be get an idea of what to do for when teaching English in Japan.

I also need to study Japanese more seriously. This break was not as productive as I had hoped and it was so short. My little sister doesn't go back to school till the following week and I'm here like T___T because I got out later than her and I am starting earlier than her /sigh

Oh well, back to work and classes on Monday. At least I've been productive with working out.

Also looking forward to living with Hiromi :] Although, I haven't shared a room with someone since elementary school, I am glad it's with her and not someone else. Going to look for a bunk bed at Ikea tomorrow.

Actually have many things to do tomorrow, and I need to pack still x__x

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