Saturday, January 24, 2015

$3 Movie Night.

Yesterday was a good night. I met up with Tia after my job orientation and we went to go eat at Ruby's Diner, where we caught up on stuff and ate yummy burgers for dinner.

We wanted to watch Unbroken. Tia really only wanted to watch it because of Miyavi, but I wanted to watch it ever since I watched the trailer for it because I love historical movies, especially those based on true stories. So when she message me, I was more than happy to go.

The movie theater we went to was very small but cozy and the ticket's only costed $3! So we bought some sour candy at a candy shop near by and went on in. One of her friends was going to meet up with us, so we waited for him and went to see the movie.

The movie was pretty packed, lots of old people to be honest, which I thought was kinda cute. Some kids here and there as well, why would they take their kid to this kind of movie? I don't know. One of my pet peeves of going to the movies.

Anyways, I really enjoyed the movie. It was really sad, and uplifting at the same time. The ending was especially quite nice.

I noticed AHS's Dandy was in there. So weird to not see him be a psychopath lol. As for Miyavi, he did very well tbh. His character was pretty twisted and I think Miyavi did good on showing that. Kudos to him.

Afterwards, we sat outside the movie theater waiting for Tia's dad to pick us up. We were talking about Japan and how much we missed it. Tia's friend taught English to kids in Yokohama for a summer. It was nice to have someone to reminisce with.

It was a nice night, and when I got home I ended up talking to Hiromi for hours lol. We always talk about random things, and she always learns about new things with me haha. I think about our conversations and can't help but laugh.

She learned about stretched ears for the first time and learn new vocab like: brain fart, hit it and quit it/ fuck and chuck (thanks Lyy ;D) haha. I'm glad Hiromi is my roommate :]

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