Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Post Teeth Extraction & New Years.

So, needless to say, break has not been fun so far. The teeth extraction really impacted me more than I thought it would. I was throwing up non-stop the first day due to the anesthesia. I couldn't stomach anything which led to me not being able to take any of my medication as well so it didn't help with the pain. My mom called the doctor and my doctor said I would have to hold off on medication until I felt better because it could make the nausea worse.

I ended up being nauseous for several days, 6 to be exact. It was hard for me to eat anything because I'm not used to taking medication either. Didn't help my mom decided to take us to Mexico for my grandma's birthday. I already get carsick but with the state I was in, I felt so sick the whole time. I was unable to enjoy myself and neither was my family because I couldn't eat the food they wanted to eat due to the extraction.

My mom realized it was her mistake to force me along. Glad she acknowledged it but it wasn't till we were back at home. But the last day wasn't too bad, only the morning I was feeling extremely nauseous but afterwards, the trip home I felt fine.

We stopped by Palm Desert because my mom and little sis wanted to go shopping. It was very beautiful. Palm Desert seriously reminded me of Laguna Beach or something but just in the desert. There was so much to do, and I would love to stop by there sometime in the future.

It's crazy it's going to be New Years Eve tomorrow. I was planning on going with Tia and her family but after the teeth extraction and Mexico trip, I'm not feeling up for it. I still get nauseous here and there so I just want to wait till I'm 100% better to do anything and just relax at home.

I'm thinking for this New Years I am going to stay at home, chillin' and marathoning tv shows or movies. That sounds so nice.

As for New Years resolutions? Same old, same old. They sound like typical resolutions or goals but this is the stuff I am aiming for:

Work out more. The classic. I want to take advantage of the ARC since it's my last year at UCI and I am going to be living on campus starting next quarter. Also, more than ever I want to get the body I had when I came back from Japan but just toned. My little sister is motivating me more than ever. 
Build up my style more. I already know what kind of style I want. Just need to build my closet, this goes hand in hand with working out more as cropped shirts are my favorite and I want a toned belly. I probably am not going to buy any clothes because I don't have the money for that, but lookbooks and whatnot are going to be my best friend so I will know what I want when I do get the chance to buy clothes. Also, hair and makeup falls within this, which leads to my next. 
Mess around with makeup more. I've always loved the smokey eye makeup and contouring and whatnot but never played around with it. It seems so hard, but I want to mess with it more to express my style more. I always give up when I try to do anything new with makeup but I'm going to try really hard not to this time. 
Do more photoshoots. This actually ties in with the first three, mostly the working out one. I haven't been able to do any shoots since I don't have my car anymore. Probably will be limited when I am living on campus as well, but this will be the perfect time to work hard on my body and mess around with makeup for my shoots. Even if I can't do any shoots now, I want to get myself prepared for when I have a car and will be able to. 
Study Japanese more. I want to my Japanese to become better. I'm forgetting the little I learned in Japan. So I will try to study more consistently and seriously. 
Save up for Japan. Of course, the big whammy. I am aiming to return to Japan in 2016. We will see if that happens. Making that money is the most important but a lot will be going to bills. I will try not to stress and just save the little I can. Japan is the long term goal, and I am slowly working on some stuff now for this goal.

I am motivated more than ever to work on these goals and be productive. New year, new quarter, new classes, new living situation, going to try to hard to make the most of it. All these goals were actually goals in general, not just for New Years.

The problem is I can be so lazy and unmotivated but I'm going to try my best to stay motivated.

I find that logging the progress of my goals does this. So I will probably be keeping track of my diet/workout routine and plan, lookbook for my style inspiration, tumblr/instagram for my makeup inspiration as well as photoshoot inspiration. Or maybe even pintrest for all. We'll see.

Let's get working!

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