Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Little Box.

My pleasant life in California is not so pleasant anymore. I have been too lazy to write about this but after reading my "Tokyo Daydreams" post and talking about how nice my life is California was at the time made me realize how much my life has changed since that post.

My life has become much more complicated since the beginning of November.

I am even more limited than before when it comes to my freedom, before it was because of my parents but since I moved out because school started it wasn't too bad and only money hindered me. But now, my parents have restricted my freedom again.

My dad crashed my car, and it was pretty bad. Luckily, he is safe. Not so lucky for me, he crashed it so bad they cannot repair it. Or more like, the insurance doesn't want to because it's not worth it.

Because of this, I've been using my little sister's car to go to school. I was lucky my little sister was nice enough to let me take it for when I have classes which is Monday-Friday. But I have to come back for weekends.

She now takes me mom's car or has her bf take her since she lives 20 minutes away from home. Luckily, because my mom was going to have me move back in and commute 1 hour and 30 minutes every day. Which isn't too bad, but trust me, a train ride and car ride are completely different.

And, spending that time with my mom would completely hinder our relationship even more so I'm grateful.

But, because I come home weekends I cannot hang out with my friends. And during the week I am busy with school and work.

I don't have friends in my hometown, and even if I did my mom wouldn't let me go out. I don't know, she has this idea that if I go out on the weekends when I am home that this shows I am going out like crazy on the weekends over in Irvine. It's difficult.

She also went as far as having my sister count the miles on the car to make sure I am not going anywhere besides school and back to Tia's house. Which I already knew she was going to do, she tries to be sneaky about things but I know how she works. I mean, I've lived with her my whole life.

Living with strict parents is hard. So the last time I've gone out with anyone was with Jenn. I am going to try to hang out with some friends before I have to go home for break but with work and finals coming up, I don't know. Plus not being able to drive anywhere because of the mileage counting.

We'll see how it goes. At least in January I will be living on campus, I think then I will have more freedom. But even then, I don't want to go out much because I'm trying to save money to return to Japan.

I'll look at this in a positive light, I'm saving more money.

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