Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I'm pretty sure I sound like a hippie.

I wonder why people are so concerned with other people's decisions? When my coworkers try to get my opinion about other people's life decisions, chances are they are going to getting a hippie response.

I personally don't care what other people do with their lives as long as they are not hurting anyone. Sure, somethings I may not understand but I try my best not to give them crap about it because everyone is different. I'm not a saint, and of course some things get the best me of me where I end up judging people but I try to catch myself afterwards and remind myself to shut up because it's their life and not mine.

Well, a lot of the time my co-workers talk and sometimes they say something judgey about someone's actions and come to me for validation. Usually, it ends up not being what they wanted to hear and it ends with an awkward silence. Here are two instances:

One. The other day I was sitting in the lounge as I was waiting for my next shift to begin. One of my co-workers was on her laptop and then does a sigh of disgust and looks at me and says, "why do pregnant women take nude photos?" with disapproval in her tone. While looking at my laptop I replied, "well, some women do not believe that nudity is a sexual thing but more of a natural part of life, and has been sexualized due to society views so when they take photos of themselves nude and pregnant it is more of a sensual thing rather than a sexual one" I looked up from my laptop and she just stared at me and went back to looking at hers. She didn't say anything else after that. It was pretty awkward. 
Two. Today, a coworker and her friend were in the lounge. Since it's finals week it is pretty dead at work. They were talking about a friend who just had a baby and they said the baby is so cute but the boyfriend has a tattoo on his face of an axe. They started judging him because of the tattoo he had on his face. I was on the computer, finishing up a final when my coworker asks me, "how would you feel if your boyfriend had an axe tattoo on his face?" I was continued typing without turning around and responded, "it's his body, he can do whatever he wants" then there was the awkward silence. I could tell that they probably exchanged glances at each other thinking I was crazy, because this coworker knows I don't mind face tattoos and gives me crap for it all the time. She just responded, "oh, that's true" after the long awkward pause and the silence continued until they geared it towards the baby and gushed about how cute he was.

I don't know, this stuff bothers me. Clearly, if I am writing a blog post on it. But I wish more people could be chill and just live their lives and not care about anyone else's. Haha okay, I definitely sound like a hippie now.

I don't know, just some random rant. Flower power <insert flower emoji here> lol

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