Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Umami Burgers / That Hipster Joint.

After class and work today, I ended up meeting my friend Mikey for the first time since i've been back from Japan.

He picked me up at UCI and we went to Costa Mesa to get Umami Burgers. I've never had it before and Mikey's mind was blown at that and ordered the only burger that should be ordered apparently lol.

The waiters were all cute hipster guys with tatts lol. I was definitely happy about that :3 haha

The burgers were really yummy. I loved it with the spicy sauce, it was juicy and delicious. Afterwards we had some dessert which was really good. Seriously, so delicious makes me happy thinking about the food again haha.

Me and Mikey just caught up, he asked me about Japan since he went to Japan before too. And we just caught up on everything else.

He wanted to go to Urban Outfitters to get a hat and we went to this place called the BAR which was a hipstery area with many shops, etc. He was freaking out that I've never been there lol. It was nice though, I'm thinking of bringing Hiromi there or something :3

It was nice talking with Mikey, he said he'll hit me up again to hang out. I told him next time he goes to SD again to hit me up and I'll drag Jenny along lol.

I have a midterm or two tomorrow, but I can't seem to care to study. Probably because I already know I'm going to do shitty. Senioritis at it's best. I want to graduate already.

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