Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Miss Wave in California ♪

My lovely friend Jenn, was able to visit me in California. I was super happy to see her to be honest. I consider Jenn one of my best friends and to catch up on everything was great.

We met up in Pasadena for brunch since she is staying with a friend in West Hollywood. 

We didn't do much, in fact we did the same shit we did in Japan which was go to a restaurant (Japan was a cafe) and eat and just chill there and talk for hours and then migrate to a new place and talk for more hours lol.

We met up around 11am and stayed out till 5pm. I didn't have a car (long story) so my mom came to pick me up around then. 

I was really happy we met up, it's like time didn't pass at all. She caught me up with everything of hers and I caught her up with my things.

I was really bummed when we had to part to be honest because I don't know when the next time I'll see her. She may stay in the East in the U.S. and if I can I'll try to visit but I have no money and when I do have money I want to save up for Japan T__T 

It just sucks that we are probably going to be far away from each other from now on since I'm aiming for Japan and she doesn't see herself going back anytime soon since she just came back from there. But I'll probably try to visit once before I go back to Japan if the tickets aren't expensive. I need to see Jenn again before Japan and we are even further away D:

I always say how I wish we met sooner ;__; lol, oh well. I wish her the best, and we will for sure meet again sometime!

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