Thursday, November 13, 2014

Midterms / Work / Awkward Boy Interaction.

Today I took my last midterm, I'm not sure how I did on any of my midterms but I'm just happy it's over. My lack of motivation is so real, it's ridiculous.

However, today at work I met some awesome girls looking to study abroad. 

I really enjoyed talking to them and telling them about my experience of study abroad. When I meet people like this, it seriously makes me love my job. We talked so much and in the end exchanged contact info.

One of the girls is part Japanese, Mexican, Irish, and Native American and she is looking to study abroad in Japan. She gave off such a chill vibe and had purple hair, I really enjoyed her. The other girl recently came back from Thailand and was open to studying abroad anywhere it was nice talking to her about her experience as well :] I really love my job, I hope to see them again!

Today these two guys that usually come by came by my work again. They are weird, chill, and funny so it's actually entertaining when they come by and makes work fun when it's slow. The other day, one of my co-workers was saying that they are interested in me and that's why they come by but I didn't believe her. But sure enough, they asked about what days I work and always come when I'm working. 

Also, today I came in later because I was studying for my Japanese midterm and when I came in one of them was saying "Ah there's Nina, she's the bae" I'm just there like .... how do I react to this shit? Lol. I thought I heard him wrong, but he repeated the bae part a couple more times. It's seriously been a while since guys have openly flirted with me or flirted in general lol (that Japan life tho lol). I have been keeping to myself so little to no people interaction (especially with guys) until these fools randomly started talking to me and my co-worker when we were tabling one day.

I just awkwardly pretend I didn't hear the comments because I seriously don't know how to react. One of the guys always pats me on my head also. Which is kinda cute, but weird lol. They are the type of guys that get comfortable quickly. 

I ran into one of them one time and the friend that I was with thought we were really good friends and I told her that was the third time me and him have ever talked to each other lol. I don't know, they're cool, they definitely make work interesting lol.

I've also been talking to Lyy a lot. She seriously keeps me sane while I am here in California. I'm happy to hear she is doing well and we talk everyday and skype weekends. I joke around and say it's like she is my boyfriend haha but that will be for another post :3

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