Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Moments.

I have been coming home weekends due to the car situation. It was been alright though, bumpy here and there but I've been okay.

Today was nice because we had a lunch where we got to get to know my little sister's boyfriend. I met him before but this was the first time we all hung out and talked. It was pretty fun. This was also the first time i realized the stereotype of loud Mexican families is not a stereotype LOL.

I really like my sister's boyfriend and although they haven't been dating long it feels like they have known each other forever. They really seem like a good match and I hope they last for a good while. My sister has been so happy and I'm happy when she is happy.

I just walked into her room to throw away some trash and saw her and her bf fell asleep on each other while facetiming. I seriously can't help but smile at how cute she is right now. It's always nice to see those you care about fall in love and be happy.

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