Friday, November 28, 2014


Yesterday was Thanksgiving and my 23rd birthday. We didn't do much, it was a nice dinner with the family and my birthday cake was pumpkin pie. This was actually something similar to what I wanted in Japan last year so it was nice I got it this year. 

I didn't eat a lot, a lot but it was definitely more than usual so Issei was not happy at all D: I felt nauseous afterwards -.- but the pie was yummy, and all the food was delicious in general so I was happy :D

I don't feel like I am 23 years old though. Time goes by quickly, and I will soon be graduating. 

+ + +

I'm on Thanksgiving break, it was only 4 days, including the weekend but it was a nice break from going to school every day. I've been watching movies non-stop, especially X-men :] Unfortunately, we don't get a break from homework since I'm swamped in it. But this quarter is almost over, and next quarter I will be living on campus so I can do more things at school. 

Next break will be winter break, and I'm not looking forward to it that much since I will be getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Lol lovely, but at least one less thing to worry about!

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