Friday, November 28, 2014


Yesterday was Thanksgiving and my 23rd birthday. We didn't do much, it was a nice dinner with the family and my birthday cake was pumpkin pie. This was actually something similar to what I wanted in Japan last year so it was nice I got it this year. 

I didn't eat a lot, a lot but it was definitely more than usual so Issei was not happy at all D: I felt nauseous afterwards -.- but the pie was yummy, and all the food was delicious in general so I was happy :D

I don't feel like I am 23 years old though. Time goes by quickly, and I will soon be graduating. 

+ + +

I'm on Thanksgiving break, it was only 4 days, including the weekend but it was a nice break from going to school every day. I've been watching movies non-stop, especially X-men :] Unfortunately, we don't get a break from homework since I'm swamped in it. But this quarter is almost over, and next quarter I will be living on campus so I can do more things at school. 

Next break will be winter break, and I'm not looking forward to it that much since I will be getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Lol lovely, but at least one less thing to worry about!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy Moments.

I have been coming home weekends due to the car situation. It was been alright though, bumpy here and there but I've been okay.

Today was nice because we had a lunch where we got to get to know my little sister's boyfriend. I met him before but this was the first time we all hung out and talked. It was pretty fun. This was also the first time i realized the stereotype of loud Mexican families is not a stereotype LOL.

I really like my sister's boyfriend and although they haven't been dating long it feels like they have known each other forever. They really seem like a good match and I hope they last for a good while. My sister has been so happy and I'm happy when she is happy.

I just walked into her room to throw away some trash and saw her and her bf fell asleep on each other while facetiming. I seriously can't help but smile at how cute she is right now. It's always nice to see those you care about fall in love and be happy.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Midterms / Work / Awkward Boy Interaction.

Today I took my last midterm, I'm not sure how I did on any of my midterms but I'm just happy it's over. My lack of motivation is so real, it's ridiculous.

However, today at work I met some awesome girls looking to study abroad. 

I really enjoyed talking to them and telling them about my experience of study abroad. When I meet people like this, it seriously makes me love my job. We talked so much and in the end exchanged contact info.

One of the girls is part Japanese, Mexican, Irish, and Native American and she is looking to study abroad in Japan. She gave off such a chill vibe and had purple hair, I really enjoyed her. The other girl recently came back from Thailand and was open to studying abroad anywhere it was nice talking to her about her experience as well :] I really love my job, I hope to see them again!

Today these two guys that usually come by came by my work again. They are weird, chill, and funny so it's actually entertaining when they come by and makes work fun when it's slow. The other day, one of my co-workers was saying that they are interested in me and that's why they come by but I didn't believe her. But sure enough, they asked about what days I work and always come when I'm working. 

Also, today I came in later because I was studying for my Japanese midterm and when I came in one of them was saying "Ah there's Nina, she's the bae" I'm just there like .... how do I react to this shit? Lol. I thought I heard him wrong, but he repeated the bae part a couple more times. It's seriously been a while since guys have openly flirted with me or flirted in general lol (that Japan life tho lol). I have been keeping to myself so little to no people interaction (especially with guys) until these fools randomly started talking to me and my co-worker when we were tabling one day.

I just awkwardly pretend I didn't hear the comments because I seriously don't know how to react. One of the guys always pats me on my head also. Which is kinda cute, but weird lol. They are the type of guys that get comfortable quickly. 

I ran into one of them one time and the friend that I was with thought we were really good friends and I told her that was the third time me and him have ever talked to each other lol. I don't know, they're cool, they definitely make work interesting lol.

I've also been talking to Lyy a lot. She seriously keeps me sane while I am here in California. I'm happy to hear she is doing well and we talk everyday and skype weekends. I joke around and say it's like she is my boyfriend haha but that will be for another post :3

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Miss Wave in California ♪

My lovely friend Jenn, was able to visit me in California. I was super happy to see her to be honest. I consider Jenn one of my best friends and to catch up on everything was great.

We met up in Pasadena for brunch since she is staying with a friend in West Hollywood. 

We didn't do much, in fact we did the same shit we did in Japan which was go to a restaurant (Japan was a cafe) and eat and just chill there and talk for hours and then migrate to a new place and talk for more hours lol.

We met up around 11am and stayed out till 5pm. I didn't have a car (long story) so my mom came to pick me up around then. 

I was really happy we met up, it's like time didn't pass at all. She caught me up with everything of hers and I caught her up with my things.

I was really bummed when we had to part to be honest because I don't know when the next time I'll see her. She may stay in the East in the U.S. and if I can I'll try to visit but I have no money and when I do have money I want to save up for Japan T__T 

It just sucks that we are probably going to be far away from each other from now on since I'm aiming for Japan and she doesn't see herself going back anytime soon since she just came back from there. But I'll probably try to visit once before I go back to Japan if the tickets aren't expensive. I need to see Jenn again before Japan and we are even further away D:

I always say how I wish we met sooner ;__; lol, oh well. I wish her the best, and we will for sure meet again sometime!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Umami Burgers / That Hipster Joint.

After class and work today, I ended up meeting my friend Mikey for the first time since i've been back from Japan.

He picked me up at UCI and we went to Costa Mesa to get Umami Burgers. I've never had it before and Mikey's mind was blown at that and ordered the only burger that should be ordered apparently lol.

The waiters were all cute hipster guys with tatts lol. I was definitely happy about that :3 haha

The burgers were really yummy. I loved it with the spicy sauce, it was juicy and delicious. Afterwards we had some dessert which was really good. Seriously, so delicious makes me happy thinking about the food again haha.

Me and Mikey just caught up, he asked me about Japan since he went to Japan before too. And we just caught up on everything else.

He wanted to go to Urban Outfitters to get a hat and we went to this place called the BAR which was a hipstery area with many shops, etc. He was freaking out that I've never been there lol. It was nice though, I'm thinking of bringing Hiromi there or something :3

It was nice talking with Mikey, he said he'll hit me up again to hang out. I told him next time he goes to SD again to hit me up and I'll drag Jenny along lol.

I have a midterm or two tomorrow, but I can't seem to care to study. Probably because I already know I'm going to do shitty. Senioritis at it's best. I want to graduate already.

Monday, November 3, 2014

New Place for Next Quarter.

Today was a good day, I finally found housing for next quarter! Me and Hiromi were planning to share a place,  so I searched for places and I was able to find a place close to campus. We were going to see it today around 6:30pm so I met up with Hiromi after work.

She was already done with class and was studying with one of her friends at the food court. We chilled there for a bit and I met another one of her friends. They were nice!

Afterwards me and Hiromi went our own ways and talked about many things. She went to Cha for Tea the first time and we got a crispy chicken snack and peach green tea boba :3

We talked till 7pm where we walked to the apartment and checked it out and liked it. We will be renting from January to June, so for the rest of the school year. I am so happy, this is one less thing to worry about. The main thing I was worried about to be honest.

Me and Hiromi will be sharing a room and bathroom. It's really great, we are both excited. Especially, since it's so close to campus. I can't wait to start going to the gym again T__T

It took a while, but finally found a good place. Thank goodness. Now hopefully I can find another job! I won't have my car though when I move there T__T it's both good and bad, good because less money, bad because it limits me, especially in jobs. Oh well.

So excited for next quarter. Me and Hiromi were saying it's time to go to Ikea lol