Wednesday, October 22, 2014

One Ok Rock • House of Blues, Anaheim

Life has been eventful lately, October was a good month. I have been good, busy with work and school with some occasional fun time. 

I was lucky enough to see OOR at the House of Blues in Anaheim. They are becoming more international, and were playing in California when I was in Japan. I wanted to watch them at a small venue and I was lucky to do so.

I listen to OOR here and there but I'm not a religious fan or anything. But they were definitely one of the bands I wanted to see live.

They were definitely amazing in person. The sound was so clean, and Taka's voice was right on point with every note. It sounded exactly like the album. I seriously enjoyed it a lot. I would even consider to watch them again because of how good they sounded.

Surprisingly, everyone could sing a long to almost all of the songs. Both in Japanese and English :o It was really cool to hear them singing along to all the words along with Taka and when he would face the mic to the audience.

I really hope that coldrain will be coming to California soon. I want to see them in a small venue for sure as well, especially since they always sell out in Japan.

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