Thursday, October 9, 2014

Little Wolf.

I wanted a change, so I decided to change my Instagram name to: little.w0lf

Recently, I wanted to hurry and change it to get rid of people who were following me who I didn't want to follow me lol, but I decided to just ignore them.

But actually, I have been wanting to change it for a while now, since I was in Japan to be honest. But I couldn't figure out a username that felt right. I didn't want xiirosary anymore, but usernames I tried didn't suit me. There were times I changed it to something and hurried and changed it back lol.

I like xiirosary but it made things complicated with the roman numerals and it was a username from a different point of my life that I feel like I've kinda grown out of it in some sense.

I wanted something with wolves since it's my favorite animal and my next big tattoo piece is going to be a wolf. Wolves have a very personal meaning to me.

I initially wanted a username with something to the effect of "red wolf" because of my red hair. But, I was hesitant because I knew I would not have red hair forever (sadly).

After watching the new episode of The Originals, I heard Klaus call Hayley, "Little wolf" like how he usually does. And right away, I knew it was perfect.

I forgot he called her that, it was something I always loved from the beginning in TVD. I thought it was a cute nickname, and the meaning of it is more than it appears which is also why I love it. This username feels right, as weird as it sounds.

Sounds lame to have such an attachment to a nickname/username. But, The Originals always hits home.

Gifset from: bloodygifs

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