Friday, October 31, 2014

Colored Hair + Black Lips.

I had a photoshoot before work on Friday morning with the awesome Elle. I was excited to do this shoot because the photographer shoots alternative models and is an alternative model herself. She is also a makeup artist so she did my makeup and we mixed out wardrobe to get alt looks.

We mostly used clothes from her closet because my clothes are nonexistent. Got rid of most of them when I was coming back to the states and haven't had some extra cash to get clothes. So I was so happy that she said we could use her clothes as well!

The photoshoot was so much fun, this was the first time I had such heavy makeup though lol. I felt very uncomfortable when I had to go to class for an hour and come back to the shoot. But it was still fun because the makeup was done so nicely.

I'm super excited to see the photos, we did a few outdoor and indoor as well.

Elle is really chill and we are planning to shoot again when our schedule is both free. She was teaching me different alt looks, how to do some makeup tricks, all that stuff.

I also met her bf and roommates who were chill. One of her roommates was smoking and said we were welcome to smoke with him as well lol. I couldn't help but laugh to myself because this is something that you couldn't really do in Japan.

Although I love Japan, I did miss California's laidbackness. I think I mentioned this before.

Anyways, I was very happy I worked with Elle and got to meet her. She's an awesome person, great teacher, and I'm happy I'm getting closer to the modeling scene I am aiming for.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tokyo Daydreams.

My favorite view.

And so the depressing post-Japan posts begin.

I have missed Japan but have been holding back any sad talk about it because other than the housing situation my life in California has been pretty good other than the family issues here and there.

I am back in school, finishing my classes, got an amazing job on campus, I'm meeting some awesome new people, and am fitting some modeling into my schedule (though I wish I could fit more). The only downer is that all the money I make from my part time job is used on food and gas but I need to live right?

But recently I caught up with my friend Lyy on a phone call through LINE. We have been wanting to talk forever but our schedules always conflicted. I was so happy to talk to her again, and it was nice to catch up. Although we text everyday, it's not the same. When I got off the phone I was really happy and went to sleep content but I woke up really sad the next morning because the happiness I felt was like when I was in Japan.

But obviously, I was not in Japan and I wouldn't be seeing Lyy the next day. Us talking on the phone was as if I was there in Japan though. It made my chest feel heavy. I wanted to be with Lyy with our random nights out in Harajuku, going to the bar we like, chilling at Tower Records till the last train, smoking on the rooftop of that one building in Harajuku, I missed it all.

I wanted to go eat sushi with her next day and talk about our stupid boys and talk about shit that we thought would never happen but in fuckin' some twisted way it ended up happening. There is stuff that I can't talk about with my friends here, they wouldn't get it.

And most of all, I miss my freedom. But I've mentioned that before already. I miss the life I had in Japan. There were many ups and downs but the ups outweighed the downs for sure.

I'm sure I wouldn't be so bummed about being in California if I had more freedom to do the things I wanted. But sadly money limits me, and life in California is just as pricey as in Japan and my part time job in California pays way less than the job I had in Japan.

I know I'm coming back to Japan so I shouldn't fuss but I just wish it was sooner than later. I'm not the only one like this though, my fellow co-workers feel the same about their study abroad experience and are also finding ways to go back abroad once they graduate.

I need to make the most of my time in California though, so must stuff I want and need to do but I'm not even sure if I can do them.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

K-Town, Bitches, and Creeps, Oh My!

So Halloween, was super fun in the sense of dressing up. I was super excited and nervous to wear my Poison Ivy costume. I made it myself with the help of Tia. She is a Cosplay Queen and I couldn't have done it without her.

I was excited to dress up for Halloween since lat year's was so last minute on me doing something. This year, I was planning to go to the JSA Halloween clubbing event. I was also excited to take Hiromi since it was her first Halloween in California and clubbing event.

She got a cute costume as cleopatra and she looked gorgeous. We made sure to take photos :] 

We met up with my friend Gaby and her friend Brenda who were Little Red and the wolf. We left Irvine to go to the club in LA which was in K-town. Traffic wasn't too bad, and so we got there around 10pm ish.

To be honest, the clubbing event was not fun. JSA isn't was it used to be, and the people in JSA have a totally different vibe. I thought the other JSA's from USC and Long Beach might have a different vibe but it was pretty much the same.

The guys were really weird and creepy, they were touchy, aggressive, annoying, all that jazz. There were a little over 100 people and the whole night me and Hiromi only saw 2 cute guys lol.

The girls were really rude and bitchy, I thought it was just me but Hiromi mentioned it to me saying the girls were giving us mean looks and asked why. I also didn't know, but I noticed that shit too. Story of my life -__- lol.

Also, the music was either heavy hip-hop or heavy EDM, both not my type of music sadly. So I wasn't feeling it. Neither was Hiromi. Gaby and Brenda had alcohol to make it better though but since I was DD and the drinks were $14 Hiromi and me didn't have the alcohol to make it not as bad lol.

The clubbing event ended at 2am but we left a little early since we were bored, sleepy, and hungry. The ride back home was rough due to closed freeways but when we finally got back to Irvine we ate at BCD Tofu and then went to Gaby's place to knock out.

• • •

We woke up late the next day and ended up talking about our experience. To be honest, even though it sucked, it was really funny and we laughed at the weird shit that happened with the creepy guys. And the best part of the night? Dressing up and taking pictures ♡

After talking for several hours, me and Hiromi left to go get breakfast at IHop. It was yummy! I'm glad I met Hiromi, me and her have similar personalities and get along well. She says she really likes my personality as well.

After this clubbing event, we decided no more JSA though lol. It's definitely different from before so time to let it go lol.

So even though the clubbing event was a bust, hanging out with my friends was still fun. Definitely makes an interesting memory haha + this year is probably my favorite costume I've worn. So totally worth it. If I ever go to cons I'm wearing it haha xD

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

One Ok Rock • House of Blues, Anaheim

Life has been eventful lately, October was a good month. I have been good, busy with work and school with some occasional fun time. 

I was lucky enough to see OOR at the House of Blues in Anaheim. They are becoming more international, and were playing in California when I was in Japan. I wanted to watch them at a small venue and I was lucky to do so.

I listen to OOR here and there but I'm not a religious fan or anything. But they were definitely one of the bands I wanted to see live.

They were definitely amazing in person. The sound was so clean, and Taka's voice was right on point with every note. It sounded exactly like the album. I seriously enjoyed it a lot. I would even consider to watch them again because of how good they sounded.

Surprisingly, everyone could sing a long to almost all of the songs. Both in Japanese and English :o It was really cool to hear them singing along to all the words along with Taka and when he would face the mic to the audience.

I really hope that coldrain will be coming to California soon. I want to see them in a small venue for sure as well, especially since they always sell out in Japan.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

CALIFORNIA VLOG • Hopy Visits from Denmark

I finally got around to editing the little footage I recorded when I was with Hopy.
To be completely honest, I should have been studying/doing homework instead,
but oh, how inspiration likes to come when you are procrastinating.

To be honest, I'm not too fond of this video because it's just beaches.
I wish I would have recorded us eating and shopping
but sometimes recording takes away from the mood + I would forget my camera lol.

Oh well, it was nice to see Hopy again!
And looking back on the footage of her makes me happy.
Next time I see her, will probably be Japan again :]

Friday, October 17, 2014

Round 2 at UCI.

I met up with my conversation partner on Thursday. She was really nice and we got along right away. My Japanese is definitely rusty. I need to practice more ><

We went to get yogurt at Yogurtland, she really liked it. Then she had Chipotle for the first time, we split some tacos. She likes spicy food which is different than most Japanese people lol. Like Ayaka, she is from Kobe. I told her about about me being abroad in Japan.

We ended up going to the JSA meeting. I'll admit I was a bit hesitant since most of the people I knew already graduated. There were way more people which was definitely intimidating. It also wasn't so fun unfortunately. But they are having a Halloween clubbing event again this year. I'm seriously considering going. Hiromi really wants to go ^^

We'll see, it's going to be in LA at this one club I'm been wanting to go to called the Belasco. So tempted lol.

Feels like this year is another round of my first year. Don't know how I feel about that to be honest. Oh well, going to enjoy my last year at UCI :]

Thursday, October 16, 2014


I met up with Jenny for the first time since coming back from Japan.
I missed talking to her, and forgot how well she got me.
It's crazy how much me and her are like in a different way from my other friends.
I missed her, and didn't realize it till we met up.
We talked for hours non-stop and though we wanted to talk more, she had work the next morning and so did I.

I don't know when is the next time we'll meet.
Our schedules are all over the place, but it will be nice to hang out again.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Little Wolf.

I wanted a change, so I decided to change my Instagram name to: little.w0lf

Recently, I wanted to hurry and change it to get rid of people who were following me who I didn't want to follow me lol, but I decided to just ignore them.

But actually, I have been wanting to change it for a while now, since I was in Japan to be honest. But I couldn't figure out a username that felt right. I didn't want xiirosary anymore, but usernames I tried didn't suit me. There were times I changed it to something and hurried and changed it back lol.

I like xiirosary but it made things complicated with the roman numerals and it was a username from a different point of my life that I feel like I've kinda grown out of it in some sense.

I wanted something with wolves since it's my favorite animal and my next big tattoo piece is going to be a wolf. Wolves have a very personal meaning to me.

I initially wanted a username with something to the effect of "red wolf" because of my red hair. But, I was hesitant because I knew I would not have red hair forever (sadly).

After watching the new episode of The Originals, I heard Klaus call Hayley, "Little wolf" like how he usually does. And right away, I knew it was perfect.

I forgot he called her that, it was something I always loved from the beginning in TVD. I thought it was a cute nickname, and the meaning of it is more than it appears which is also why I love it. This username feels right, as weird as it sounds.

Sounds lame to have such an attachment to a nickname/username. But, The Originals always hits home.

Gifset from: bloodygifs

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Short Shoot & Shaved Ice.

October 3rd, 2014

Finally me and Tia were able to hang out more. Even though we live together for now, we have both been busy. Me with school and work and her with school. She needed to do a photoshoot with me for one of her classes so we did that and while we were at it she invited her friend her is a photographer to do a shoot as well.

It was super hot that day, and we were dying lol. So after we were done shooting we decided to go to get shaved ice. It was so yummy and soft O__O I've never had such soft shaved ice than the shaved ice we ate that day. Also, the condensed milk made it so much better!

Afterwards, we headed to Curry House since it's been a while that we ate curry. 

I was planning on heading home this weekend since it's my sister's birthday. So after a long day of class and work and the shoot, I drove to my hometown. Luckily, I didn't arrive too late, it was around 10:30pm but I talked to my mom for a bit and caught her up on what's been going on.

Lately I've been sleeping really early since I get up early. I usually try to go to bed at 10pm no later than 10:30pm. Such a grandma, and such a 180 compared to when I was in Japan lol xD

I still miss Japan here and there. But I am glad to be back at my university studying however, I'm glad this is my last year :D lol

Friday, October 3, 2014

Back to my roots.

September 30th, 2014

I met up with my friend Joelle to catch up on everything that has happened so I left to Japan. It was nice to catch up, I forgot how crazy and fun she is. Totally different from me haha.

We ended up doing a small shoot since we were already meeting up. Joelle was actually the first photographer I ever worked with. I love her work.

The shoot was super short, probably 15 minutes total haha. We were mostly too busy catching up, talking, and sharing our life stories. But even with the shoot being so short, we still got some nice photos :]

I was happy because Joelle shot me when my hair was purple :] I have been recently experimenting with getting purple/blue temporary dye and ended up with the color I have now. I love it, and am thinking of dying it purple again next time but Manic Panic ain't cheap lol.

We'll see, if not red is always a great option. I just wanted something different since coming back from being in Japan. I did want pastel, but the length of my hair and to keep it "healthy" at a hair salon would be starting at $250. Which, to be honest for something that's not permanent, I don't think it's worth it.

So I'll stick with reds or deep purples :]

Photographer: Grunge Gypsee