Saturday, September 27, 2014

Things don't always go as planned.

Pretty much as the title says, things don't go as planned and I am now looking for a new housing situation. To make a long story short, the arrangement I had was changed when I moved in and I would be working much longer hours than stated.

I personally wouldn't have had a problem if I didn't have another job where I actually get paid for. It was taking away time from that, and I was worried how the situation would be when I ended up starting school. I knew I would have no time because the owner of the daycare was not flexible with the schedule at all.

Instead of a volunteer, I was a nanny 24/7 for also her and her family. Oh well, people take advantage sometimes. I don't have ill feelings towards the owner, she was nice and I really enjoyed working with all the kids. But I just wish she didn't change things up on me.

So now, I am currently staying at Tia's house. Which I am forever grateful to her family, especially her mom. I love her so much. They let me stay in her brother's room since he is off in college also until I can find a place of my own.

I'm already looking at other options since I don't want to stay too long even though they said they don't mind.

I was able to catch up with Tia for a bit about my life and hers. She's the first person I've been able to meet with since coming back from Japan. We're hanging out today too, so I'm excited for that :]

I just hope we both won't get distracted and we can do our homework when we need to. Besides that, I'm grateful and happy. Seriously. You guys have no idea. 

And even though things didn't work out with the living situation and I have to crash at someone's place. I feel like everything is going to work out. Oddly, I'm not worried.

I already started working at a study abroad peer advisor and I love the job! Also, classes start next week which I'm excited for. I can't help but laugh that even with all these bumps in the road I'm super happy with everything in my life. And grateful for the people I know I can count on.

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