Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cel-e-brate ♪

Today, my sister finished her summer classes. She is finally free after taking two summer sessions of summer school, and I am so proud of her. We went out to eat to celebrate and she decided to go to Gyu-kaku. It's definitely been a while, though I did go there once in Japan but it's a tad different.

It was nice to go out and have a nice dinner just the two of us. Though, I will be excited once I'm back in Irvine and we can go out since I always have to cover my legs at home.

We might go do something fun this Friday because our friend Krista wants to hang out now that she is free and I'm back from Japan. Pool and billiards anyone? I'm excited.

School is stressful as always, although I haven't started it, there are many things up in the air. We'll see how that goes. Life has definitely been harder since coming back from Japan. I want to start working as soon as possible but that's a whole other story.

Oh, and ran into an Audi R8 today. I missed seeing beautiful sports cars all the time. Although Japan has a car culture its different from California. But I'll talk about that another time.

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