Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Thunderstorms and Food Babies.

July 24th, 2014

I hung out with Jen one last time before I left to the states. We met up at Yokohama station, and Jen was nice enough to help me cancel my wifi. Unfortunately, we had to go to Kawasaki to cancel it because the Bic Camera at Yokohama doesn't cancel contracts. It was a tad annoying but we saw this as a way to have an adventure.

It was very humid and we were sweating like pigs lol. After going to Bic Camera and dealing with the mess of canceling, they robbed me $160 to cancel e__e Japan man. Oh well, I just wanted to get it over with.

Afterwards, me and Jen went to Lazona Kawasaki Plaza to eat Korean food. It was yummy and we talked about several things going on. 

Jen will be leaving to the states soon, and i'm excited because she will be making plans to visit California once she's settled it. Hopefully we don't miss each other!

After staying at the Korean restaurant for a bit it started to pour like crazy and have severe thunderstorms. We were so bummed because we wanted to go to the ferris wheel at Yokohama since neither of us had been on it :[ but we didn't want to die lol. So we stayed at the restaurant until it cleared up a bit.

Afterwards we decided to search for purikura, we wanted to take it the last time we met up but were talking so much we forgot lol.

Kawasaki had nothing but pachinko places. Jen even searched on her phone and they said they had a place but nopee. It was starting to pour again so hurried and ran to the station since we didn't have umbrellas.

We went back to Yokohama station where we finally took purikura :D We were pregnant with food babies, my little Issei and her little Arielle lol. But the purikura turned out pretty cute, especially one with mustaches. I need to still scan it lol.

Afterwards, we decided to chill at Starbucks till one of the last trains. I had the new strawberry frap which tasted so lovely but cost an arm and a leg and I didn't notice till I looked at the receipt lol. And Jen ended up just being thirst and wanting water rather than a frap so she didn't finish her drink haha.

It was so much fun though, and I was happy to hang out with Jen one last time before I left. I know it was just recent that we met up in person, but we get along so well, we just click! I can't wait till we meet again.

I'm so bummed she is leaving Japan when I am going back but we will definitely keep in touch :]

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