Thursday, August 7, 2014


Photographer @mmmtangerine

Since being back in California I have been doing the things I was planning since Japan.

I have already gone back into modeling here, and luckily since I'm in California the selection of photographers is much larger and have more styles of what I want to do. I had one short shoot today which I definitely learned a lot and enjoyed so much. We are making plans for another shoot next week.

Tomorrow I also have another shoot so I'm excited. Just bummed because I'm so broke and my wardrobe is so limited. I am still in my hometown but should be leaving to Irvine by the end of next week to look for jobs near my school. Sucks not having a car.

Also, once I'm in Irvine I will be working out like crazy. I'm doing some home exercises here and there (barely anything), but I want to take full advantage of the ARC (UCI gym) and work out. I need an ass. Lol, but seriously.

I've been keeping up my healthy eating of nonstop vegetables and fruits. I'm so happy to be able to have smoothies again ;__; lol The other day I made a spinach chicken salad with salsa as the dressing. Omgg so fuckin' good lol.

Also, I just dyed my hair a brighter red again :] not as bright as before, but still a lovely red. My mom was definitely not happy, and hates my hair red but oh well. She also isn't so supportive about my modeling anymore and freaked out when she saw my stretched ears.

She was really upset, asking me what can't I be normal. I can't really say much to that, other than apologize for not being the daughter she wanted. I understand that each parent has ideals of how they want their child to be, some more than others so I get it. Unfortunately, it's not always how it goes.

I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life and am happy where it's going. Sadly, my parents are not going to agree with most of the decisions I make in my life but hopefully they can just understand it's my life and respect my decisions, though I know the chances of that happening are not likely.

Going to work hard, #gettingbacktoit.

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