Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ocean Avenue.

Today, I picked up Hopy from the airport. It has been a year since I've seen her and it doesn't even feel that way, feels like no time passed to be honest. 

We picked her up from the airport and since we were already in LA we decided to go to Santa Monica and go to the pier and we stayed there and chilled for a bit.

I'm happy to be with her in California. I can't help but think about how awesome our friendship is, we met through blogging through our mutual interest in Japan and that was also where we first met in person. And now, I'm lucky enough to have her visiting me in California. I hope to visit her in Europe someday.

We'll see our other plans for the next few days, I want her to have fun and enjoy her time here.

Oh, and Santa Monica has Ocean Avenue. Anyone else think of Yellowcard?  

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