Saturday, August 16, 2014

Giant Pizza Slices and Random Beach Trips.

Yesterday was a lovely day with my younger sister. I had to go out to Irvine in the morning for a job interview so she came along so we could take the car pool to go faster. I ended up getting the job, and am super happy. I am broke to no end so I'm so very fortunate to get this job.

Afterwards, I ended up making a copy of my key to the apartment. I checked it out for the first time. And though it is old, small, and a tad dirty, I don't mind. You get what you pay for, this rent is super cheap and I could give a rat's ass about the details as long as the rent stays cheap #poorpeopleproblems

After that, we went to Irvine Spectrum and did a bit of shopping. Well, my sister did since I had no money. I did get some yoga pants from Forever 21 to work out in and wear in the house to cover my leg tattoos since I kept borrowing my sister's.

After shopping for a bit, I asked my sister if she wanted to go to the beach. She seemed very happy to go and so we went.

I'm so happy to be going to UCI, it's only 15 minutes away from several beaches T__T <3

We decided to go to Corona Del Mar, and it was a nice choice because not many people were there. The last time I was there I had gone with my friend Brian.

We ate pizza (which was delicious!) and then just chilled at the beach. We wrote things in the sand, and just had our feet in the water.

My little sis had been wanting to go to the beach but didn't have time because she was stressed with school and several other things, but mostly school. So I was glad she was able to do something she wanted this summer.

I am still unsure on when I am moving to Irvine, but I will be out there sooner since I got the job. We will see how things go!

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