Thursday, August 14, 2014

El Torito & Yokohama Night Drives II

July 29th, 2014

I was able to get to Yokohama in time to meet Toshi at the station. He picked me up the same spot as last time and we drove to eat someplace. Toshi apologized for not meeting up with me more but he has been busy with work and has picked up a side job designing clothes with his friends which I thought was pretty cool.

He asked me what I was craving and I really wanted taco rice but he decided to take me to a Mexican restaurant, El Torito :D They have this in California, and I really wanted to go to it in Japan so I was happy lol.

We had dinner and talked for quite a bit. The view was amazing and there were actually a good amount of foreigners there and some were even staring at me and Toshi for some reason.

Anyways, me and Toshi talked about random things, ghosts, horror movies, be going back to California, plans on coming back to Japan. It was cool just catching up.

Afterwards, he was going to take me home but we decided to drive around and just talk. Night drives are the best. We even stopped at a konbini were I got aloe vera yogurt and he got a energy drink. We sat in the car for a bit and I helped him with one of his t-shirt designs, he wanted to make sure the English was correct.

We then drove to random parts of Yokohama we hadn't been to, listening to music and talking.

Hanging out with Toshi is so chill, I really liked it. He told me if I do end up going to Nagoya he would visit me lol he's so funny.

We then dropped me back at Hiyoshi and we said bye, but as always I tell my friends I'll see them next year. He said to keep in touch and drove off.

I remember thinking at this time how it still didn't feel like I was leaving. I can really see myself coming back.

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