Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chiba Days, III

July 28th, 2014

The third day I was going to go home, but I woke up super late after Shotaro left to school to take his test and I didn't have any wifi -.-

I ended up just deciding to stay in Chiba for one more day since 7 Ken was having their party today. Me and Shotaro got ready where we went to Naoya's place and met up with with Kyle and David and then went to Funabashi to go buy some drinks and then go to the place they rent out.

As always, I'm awkward with big groups of people I don't know lol. But luckily I knew some people and it was fun. They played good music :] David and Naoya also were djs for a bit.

I danced with David for a bit, he was trying to bring my Latina out of me haha.

I ended up talking to these two guys that Shotaro introduced me because they liked harder music than the rest of 7 Ken. They liked SiM, Coldrain, PTP, and all that jazz so it made me happy. The rest of 7 Ken usually listens to more indie which is cool too but it was nice to meet people who knew the bands I liked.

They were actually going to do a cover of one of SiM's songs, "Killin' Me". I was already going to be back in California but Yuya, one of the guys said he would send me a video of it so I thought that was cool.

I met a lot of mixed people too so it was so cool. From I remember, the guy that was in the same band as Yuya was half Thai and Japanese. And they introduced me to a girl who spoke some Spanish and it was because she was half Peruvian and Japanese. She had the same Spanish level as me for the same reasons lol she was sweet.

It was soon the end of the night and people were deciding who to stay with. Yuki, Yuya, Kyle, David, and another girl who's name I didn't catch went to Shotaro's place.

July 29th, 2014
We slept in till late and then had pizza for breakfast LOL. I said by to Kyle and David who left first because they had other plans. They told me I better come back to Japan which of course I will :] and then afterwards I said by to my Japanese friends and told them I'd see them next year.

Me and Shotaro chilled for a bit and then he had to leave to work and I had to leave to meet up my friend Toshiki one last time.

So I told Shotaro bye also and that I'd meet him next year and I headed back to Yokohama.

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