Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chiba Days, II

July 27th, 2014

The second day I was lazy and stayed in bed. Miki and Yuki left in the morning because they had other things to do. Me and Shotaro just talked and chilled, he needed to study since he had an exam the next day.

He asked if I wanted to go get sushi so we went to get sushi from a place he said is really good. He said I should get expensive sushi once since I always just get cheap kaiten sushi lol. It was yummy and he was nice enough to pay.

He was taking a smoke break afterwards and we ran into Smiley. Boy, was that awkward. Smiley didn't look at me at all and just talked to Shotaro. Eventually, it became less awkward but still lol. He came with me and Shotaro to eat dessert and chilled with us.

After eating we parted ways. Shotaro and I talked about the awkwardness, I was glad to know it wasn't just me lol.

We then went to a store where Shotaro used to work and I got some souvenirs for friends. Coldrain's "Until the End" album was being sold and playing on a small TV screen. Shotaro is more into indie and not that scene but he said they were cool lol.

We eventually headed back to his place.

I was suppose to meet up with another friend in Shibuya but I seriously felt too lazy to go, especially since it was already later. I texted the friend if he wanted to meet somewhere in Chiba instead since he lives in Chiba as well. So he came to the station closest to Shotaro's.

Shotaro came with me to pick him up since I can never remember Shotaro's place from the station or vice versa. I asked my friend Ryo if he was cool with just chillin' at Shotaro's place since I was washing some of my clothes since my hair bled on it. He was fine with it and we just went back to Shotaro's place.

Shotaro decided to make some food so he made curry and we al just chilled and talked while Shotaro typed a paper every now and then with breaks.

Shotaro thought he was chill and they found out that they had a mutual friend. Oh how small the world is in Japan lol.

Eventually it got late and Ryo headed back home. Smiley ended up coming over and studying with Shotaro and I just chilled and listened to music and what not. This time, it wasn't too awkward with Smiley anymore.

When they were done we chilled and what not and then eventually just knocked out.

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