Saturday, August 9, 2014

Chiba Days, I

July 26th, 2014

I was planning on meeting Shotaro for one last time before I went back to California. We ended up meeting at Shinjuku station with Yuki and another girl named Miki and then met up with Naoya and his two friends, David and Kyle at Nakano.

We ended up going for karaoke as usual, and doing nomihoudai. I was expensive as fuck, and I didn't have the money for the plan that David wanted to do but since Shotaro said it would be the last time we meet he said he would help pay.

They got the premium so you could order any and all drinks that they had. So we drank and sang karaoke, it was lots of fun. Also, Miki was very nice and it was nice to see Yuki again :] David and Alex were also cool to chill with and it was great to share our future plans.

David and Kyle are ALTs so they are planning on staying in Japan for a while.

After several drinks and hours of karaoke we decided to head back to an izakaya which Shotaro helped again, and then they were planning to go to Chiba and do some more drinking. I wasn't too sure if I wanted to go but they told me I should just come so I did lol.

Naoya was super drunk, and so was Shotaro they were still drinking on the train and Naoya ended up dropping his can of beer but picking it up quickly. Shotaro was laughing at his stupidity and ended up dropping his beer as well LOL.

David got embarassed and was pretending he didn't know them. It got even worse when Naoya fell on his face and then just laid on the floor and began to pose. People were staring at him like crazy so we hurried and tried to pick him up and get him to sit but he wasn't cooperating.

Several people managed to leave the train so that was when we just sat together and I just stayed babysitting him lol.

We eventually got to Chiba and they went to another izakaya O__O people with jobs man, I just paid this one though I didn't get anything. The smoke was hurting a few of our eyes but I decided to just go out and chill so I listened to music and rested my eyes, it was nice.

Eventually Miki came out for the same reason and Yuki and Kyle followed along. We were all just chillin' outside the izakaya and talking. Naoya came all drunk and took a picture because he said we looked so hipster lol.

Afterwards, Mai came and we talked a bit. But we decided to head back home. So Mai, David, and Alex went back with Naoya while me, Yuki, and Miki went back to Shotaro's. We chilled at his place for a bit and then knocked out.

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