Sunday, August 3, 2014

Californiaa, Californiaaa ♪

Back in my lovely California, though I admit it feels weird being here. It oddly feels like I never even left to Japan and that me being in Japan didn't even happen. Strange huh? I can't explain it.

Also, as for missing people, I didn't really miss anyone. So when my cousins ask me "Doesn't it feel like it's good to be home?" I just lie and say yes, but I don't really care to be honest. But that probably has to go back to my detachment stuff I have.

As for reverse culture shock, there are some things that are tripping me out. For one, how large the food is. I wanted to buy cucumbers today and saw how big they were and I was genuinely confused and thought that I couldn't find the right ones lol. I ended up not getting them because they freaked me out so much lol.

I also noticed how significantly bigger Californians are to Japanese. I didn't think so since most of my friends are thinner so I thought this was just something that applied to the rest of America and not California but boy, are people large.

But then again, I'm not in Orange County and I'm in my gross hometown that is filled with overweight country bumpkins to begin with. Which is another reason why I'm pretty nonchalant about being back in California, probably because I'm in my shitty hometown that I can't stand.

So far, there are only a few things I noticed I missed.

One, how chill Californians are. I got off the plane and needed to fill out my customs form and asked one of the immigration officers if I could borrow a pen and he responded with "sure, but you need to fill it out here because too many people jack them" lol. Omg slang! I missed you~ And casualness, I missed you too! And he had a huge tattoo sleeve so I was just like ;___; 久しぶり chillness〜 my favorite thing about California lol.

Two, is how the sun rises much later here. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed it, but when I woke up at 5am and it was still dark outside I couldn't help but smile. The sun doesn't start coming out till 6 or 7am, it's so nice. This reconfirms my hatred for the sun lol. It took forever to get used to the sun coming out so early in Japan.

And lastly, I missed going to other people's housing and chilling and the energetic atmosphere from a Mexican family. This was something I noticed in Japan, but it was definitely confirmed when we went to visit our family in Hesperia and they had a bunch of Mexican food, played music really loudly, and talked and danced and what not. Didn't have to worry about the walls being too thin or any of that. And not having to go out and just going over to someone's place is soo nice.

I still have many posts to write about me in Japan but my jet lag and going out with the family has been taking up most of my time which is normal lol. I'm excited to go back to Irvine though! Just not excited to not have a car, soo hard not having a car in California

This song always makes me smile.
The song people always sang to me when I told them I was
from Orange County or California lol.

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