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July 23, 2014

I've never been to a hanabi viewing before in Japan so when Ah Young found this out she looked for a large fireworks display that would be occurring before I left Japan that was semi close to both of us.

We decided to go to the one in Kamakura because it would be by the beach and we thought it would be nice.

I went to Kagasaki where she is staying with her previous host family and where we got dressed. I didn't really like my hair but oh well. We were lucky enough to get dressed by her host mom who dresses people in yukatas and kimonos for a living. She did a lovely job :]

It took forever to get from Chigasaki to Kamakura but luckily we were able to get seats on the train. The train was more packed than on rush hour and there were people with kids too O__O it was a mess.

Luckily we got there and the only thing we could thing about was food lol. We waited in line for okonomiyaki where the fireworks display began but it was alright because we had a good view in line :]

I was taking pics and video in line. Mostly pics at first, but I realized how hard it was to take photos of fireworks lol. Most of my photos did not come out well. We finally got our okonomiyaki after about 20 minutes of waiting and we just wanted to find somewhere to eat since we were starving lol.

We found a random spot and were able to watch the fireworks a bit more and eat. Me and Ah Young looked like vultures because we were so hungry LOL.

We then wanted dessert so I got my choco banana :D I always wanted one since New Years at Nagoya so I finally got it. It was so yummy! And Ah Young got shaved ice. We went to another spot to finish watching the fireworks.

They were doing shout outs, and there were a few proposals which was quite cute.

I ended up recording the finale which was amazing. It was what I was waiting to see after seeing so many beautiful photos of fireworks in Japan. I wasn't disappointed.

Afterwards, we decided to walk back to Kamakura station and on the way there were more food stalls so we friend some more food. It was fun and nice to see couples in yukatas and people in yukatas in general.

Afterwards, we walked to the station which was sooo packed. Took forever to get home. I missed my last train so I stayed with Ah Young and her host family. I met her friend which was the daughter and she was so cute and nice.

We stayed up talking for several hours and then had to get up early in the morning. Smart choice, haha.

It was fun though, and a pleasant memory. My first fireworks display in Japan :]

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