Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beach Cities.

Today, I took Hopy to Orange County. It was so much fun, even the car ride there lol. The hour drive went by quickly singing along to the radio and showing Hopy different areas.

We passed a desert area and during that time REO Speedwagon's "Keep on Loving You" was playing. Hopy said it was like a typical movie scene, driving in the desert listening to classic rock lol.

When we arrived in Orange County we decided to go to the beach since it was still somewhat early. We went to Corona Del Mar ^-^ I would have taken her to my favorite beach, Laguna Beach but it wa a bit out of the way and Corona Del Mar is also lovely.

We chilled there for a bit walking in the sand and water. Hopy said the last time she went to the beach was in Japan with me, so long ago!

We ended up going to eat, and i took her to get Chipotle. It reminded her of taco rice as well and she liked it a lot. I then took her to my uni since it was close and we just chilled there and got some Starbucks to share. Matcha frap, always <3

Soon afterwards we wanted to take purikura so we went to Diamond Jamboree. Hopy loved all the different Asian food lol. She was also surprised by how many Asians were in Orange County, but she liked it. And she liked all the other different ethnicities and how you heard so many different languages.

We found out the purikura place was closed down. I was so bummed, both of us were. So we got tea to make us feel better, bubble tea but with aloe vera jelly rather than the regular boba.

We chilled there for a bit and then headed to the mall to go shopping. Hopy really wanted to go to MAC Pro to get some stuff since she gets a discount since she is a makeup artist at MAC in Denmark. She got lots of things and she got me some things as well, I was so happy ;__; thank you again Hopy, seriously, you have no idea!

She also shopped at Victoria's Secret. She bought so much cute things, can't wait till I start working lol. Yay for VS bras and panties <3

We took lots of derpy pictures and then her cousin came to get her. We said goodbye and said we'd probably meet in Japan again the next time we meet.

I really love Hopy, and am so happy she came. I wish we could have done more but my parents are a bit strict. I was happy to see her and to hang out again. It still trips me out she came to California and we met up here, but in a good way.

I need to go to Denmark sometime, until then, we'll meet again in Japan :]

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