Thursday, August 28, 2014

Beach Cities.

Today, I took Hopy to Orange County. It was so much fun, even the car ride there lol. The hour drive went by quickly singing along to the radio and showing Hopy different areas.

We passed a desert area and during that time REO Speedwagon's "Keep on Loving You" was playing. Hopy said it was like a typical movie scene, driving in the desert listening to classic rock lol.

When we arrived in Orange County we decided to go to the beach since it was still somewhat early. We went to Corona Del Mar ^-^ I would have taken her to my favorite beach, Laguna Beach but it wa a bit out of the way and Corona Del Mar is also lovely.

We chilled there for a bit walking in the sand and water. Hopy said the last time she went to the beach was in Japan with me, so long ago!

We ended up going to eat, and i took her to get Chipotle. It reminded her of taco rice as well and she liked it a lot. I then took her to my uni since it was close and we just chilled there and got some Starbucks to share. Matcha frap, always <3

Soon afterwards we wanted to take purikura so we went to Diamond Jamboree. Hopy loved all the different Asian food lol. She was also surprised by how many Asians were in Orange County, but she liked it. And she liked all the other different ethnicities and how you heard so many different languages.

We found out the purikura place was closed down. I was so bummed, both of us were. So we got tea to make us feel better, bubble tea but with aloe vera jelly rather than the regular boba.

We chilled there for a bit and then headed to the mall to go shopping. Hopy really wanted to go to MAC Pro to get some stuff since she gets a discount since she is a makeup artist at MAC in Denmark. She got lots of things and she got me some things as well, I was so happy ;__; thank you again Hopy, seriously, you have no idea!

She also shopped at Victoria's Secret. She bought so much cute things, can't wait till I start working lol. Yay for VS bras and panties <3

We took lots of derpy pictures and then her cousin came to get her. We said goodbye and said we'd probably meet in Japan again the next time we meet.

I really love Hopy, and am so happy she came. I wish we could have done more but my parents are a bit strict. I was happy to see her and to hang out again. It still trips me out she came to California and we met up here, but in a good way.

I need to go to Denmark sometime, until then, we'll meet again in Japan :]

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ocean Avenue.

Today, I picked up Hopy from the airport. It has been a year since I've seen her and it doesn't even feel that way, feels like no time passed to be honest. 

We picked her up from the airport and since we were already in LA we decided to go to Santa Monica and go to the pier and we stayed there and chilled for a bit.

I'm happy to be with her in California. I can't help but think about how awesome our friendship is, we met through blogging through our mutual interest in Japan and that was also where we first met in person. And now, I'm lucky enough to have her visiting me in California. I hope to visit her in Europe someday.

We'll see our other plans for the next few days, I want her to have fun and enjoy her time here.

Oh, and Santa Monica has Ocean Avenue. Anyone else think of Yellowcard?  

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

TOKYO VLOG • 鎌倉花火大会

The little footage I took from the Kamakura fireworks display.
The weather wasn't too bad and I only got bitten by one mosquito that night lol.
Took me forever to get inspired to make this video but finally did it and I like it :]

Hopy is going to be visiting me this week from Denmark!
Going to fetch her from the airport on Sunday, I'm super excited :3
I am going to try to vlog like crazy during this time lol.

My plans for my apartment fell through sadly, but to be honest I think it was for the best.
So now I am back on the hunt for a place to live, we'll see how that goes.
Hope things will go smoothly until school starts :]

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Giant Pizza Slices and Random Beach Trips.

Yesterday was a lovely day with my younger sister. I had to go out to Irvine in the morning for a job interview so she came along so we could take the car pool to go faster. I ended up getting the job, and am super happy. I am broke to no end so I'm so very fortunate to get this job.

Afterwards, I ended up making a copy of my key to the apartment. I checked it out for the first time. And though it is old, small, and a tad dirty, I don't mind. You get what you pay for, this rent is super cheap and I could give a rat's ass about the details as long as the rent stays cheap #poorpeopleproblems

After that, we went to Irvine Spectrum and did a bit of shopping. Well, my sister did since I had no money. I did get some yoga pants from Forever 21 to work out in and wear in the house to cover my leg tattoos since I kept borrowing my sister's.

After shopping for a bit, I asked my sister if she wanted to go to the beach. She seemed very happy to go and so we went.

I'm so happy to be going to UCI, it's only 15 minutes away from several beaches T__T <3

We decided to go to Corona Del Mar, and it was a nice choice because not many people were there. The last time I was there I had gone with my friend Brian.

We ate pizza (which was delicious!) and then just chilled at the beach. We wrote things in the sand, and just had our feet in the water.

My little sis had been wanting to go to the beach but didn't have time because she was stressed with school and several other things, but mostly school. So I was glad she was able to do something she wanted this summer.

I am still unsure on when I am moving to Irvine, but I will be out there sooner since I got the job. We will see how things go!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

El Torito & Yokohama Night Drives II

July 29th, 2014

I was able to get to Yokohama in time to meet Toshi at the station. He picked me up the same spot as last time and we drove to eat someplace. Toshi apologized for not meeting up with me more but he has been busy with work and has picked up a side job designing clothes with his friends which I thought was pretty cool.

He asked me what I was craving and I really wanted taco rice but he decided to take me to a Mexican restaurant, El Torito :D They have this in California, and I really wanted to go to it in Japan so I was happy lol.

We had dinner and talked for quite a bit. The view was amazing and there were actually a good amount of foreigners there and some were even staring at me and Toshi for some reason.

Anyways, me and Toshi talked about random things, ghosts, horror movies, be going back to California, plans on coming back to Japan. It was cool just catching up.

Afterwards, he was going to take me home but we decided to drive around and just talk. Night drives are the best. We even stopped at a konbini were I got aloe vera yogurt and he got a energy drink. We sat in the car for a bit and I helped him with one of his t-shirt designs, he wanted to make sure the English was correct.

We then drove to random parts of Yokohama we hadn't been to, listening to music and talking.

Hanging out with Toshi is so chill, I really liked it. He told me if I do end up going to Nagoya he would visit me lol he's so funny.

We then dropped me back at Hiyoshi and we said bye, but as always I tell my friends I'll see them next year. He said to keep in touch and drove off.

I remember thinking at this time how it still didn't feel like I was leaving. I can really see myself coming back.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chiba Days, III

July 28th, 2014

The third day I was going to go home, but I woke up super late after Shotaro left to school to take his test and I didn't have any wifi -.-

I ended up just deciding to stay in Chiba for one more day since 7 Ken was having their party today. Me and Shotaro got ready where we went to Naoya's place and met up with with Kyle and David and then went to Funabashi to go buy some drinks and then go to the place they rent out.

As always, I'm awkward with big groups of people I don't know lol. But luckily I knew some people and it was fun. They played good music :] David and Naoya also were djs for a bit.

I danced with David for a bit, he was trying to bring my Latina out of me haha.

I ended up talking to these two guys that Shotaro introduced me because they liked harder music than the rest of 7 Ken. They liked SiM, Coldrain, PTP, and all that jazz so it made me happy. The rest of 7 Ken usually listens to more indie which is cool too but it was nice to meet people who knew the bands I liked.

They were actually going to do a cover of one of SiM's songs, "Killin' Me". I was already going to be back in California but Yuya, one of the guys said he would send me a video of it so I thought that was cool.

I met a lot of mixed people too so it was so cool. From I remember, the guy that was in the same band as Yuya was half Thai and Japanese. And they introduced me to a girl who spoke some Spanish and it was because she was half Peruvian and Japanese. She had the same Spanish level as me for the same reasons lol she was sweet.

It was soon the end of the night and people were deciding who to stay with. Yuki, Yuya, Kyle, David, and another girl who's name I didn't catch went to Shotaro's place.

July 29th, 2014
We slept in till late and then had pizza for breakfast LOL. I said by to Kyle and David who left first because they had other plans. They told me I better come back to Japan which of course I will :] and then afterwards I said by to my Japanese friends and told them I'd see them next year.

Me and Shotaro chilled for a bit and then he had to leave to work and I had to leave to meet up my friend Toshiki one last time.

So I told Shotaro bye also and that I'd meet him next year and I headed back to Yokohama.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chiba Days, II

July 27th, 2014

The second day I was lazy and stayed in bed. Miki and Yuki left in the morning because they had other things to do. Me and Shotaro just talked and chilled, he needed to study since he had an exam the next day.

He asked if I wanted to go get sushi so we went to get sushi from a place he said is really good. He said I should get expensive sushi once since I always just get cheap kaiten sushi lol. It was yummy and he was nice enough to pay.

He was taking a smoke break afterwards and we ran into Smiley. Boy, was that awkward. Smiley didn't look at me at all and just talked to Shotaro. Eventually, it became less awkward but still lol. He came with me and Shotaro to eat dessert and chilled with us.

After eating we parted ways. Shotaro and I talked about the awkwardness, I was glad to know it wasn't just me lol.

We then went to a store where Shotaro used to work and I got some souvenirs for friends. Coldrain's "Until the End" album was being sold and playing on a small TV screen. Shotaro is more into indie and not that scene but he said they were cool lol.

We eventually headed back to his place.

I was suppose to meet up with another friend in Shibuya but I seriously felt too lazy to go, especially since it was already later. I texted the friend if he wanted to meet somewhere in Chiba instead since he lives in Chiba as well. So he came to the station closest to Shotaro's.

Shotaro came with me to pick him up since I can never remember Shotaro's place from the station or vice versa. I asked my friend Ryo if he was cool with just chillin' at Shotaro's place since I was washing some of my clothes since my hair bled on it. He was fine with it and we just went back to Shotaro's place.

Shotaro decided to make some food so he made curry and we al just chilled and talked while Shotaro typed a paper every now and then with breaks.

Shotaro thought he was chill and they found out that they had a mutual friend. Oh how small the world is in Japan lol.

Eventually it got late and Ryo headed back home. Smiley ended up coming over and studying with Shotaro and I just chilled and listened to music and what not. This time, it wasn't too awkward with Smiley anymore.

When they were done we chilled and what not and then eventually just knocked out.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Chiba Days, I

July 26th, 2014

I was planning on meeting Shotaro for one last time before I went back to California. We ended up meeting at Shinjuku station with Yuki and another girl named Miki and then met up with Naoya and his two friends, David and Kyle at Nakano.

We ended up going for karaoke as usual, and doing nomihoudai. I was expensive as fuck, and I didn't have the money for the plan that David wanted to do but since Shotaro said it would be the last time we meet he said he would help pay.

They got the premium so you could order any and all drinks that they had. So we drank and sang karaoke, it was lots of fun. Also, Miki was very nice and it was nice to see Yuki again :] David and Alex were also cool to chill with and it was great to share our future plans.

David and Kyle are ALTs so they are planning on staying in Japan for a while.

After several drinks and hours of karaoke we decided to head back to an izakaya which Shotaro helped again, and then they were planning to go to Chiba and do some more drinking. I wasn't too sure if I wanted to go but they told me I should just come so I did lol.

Naoya was super drunk, and so was Shotaro they were still drinking on the train and Naoya ended up dropping his can of beer but picking it up quickly. Shotaro was laughing at his stupidity and ended up dropping his beer as well LOL.

David got embarassed and was pretending he didn't know them. It got even worse when Naoya fell on his face and then just laid on the floor and began to pose. People were staring at him like crazy so we hurried and tried to pick him up and get him to sit but he wasn't cooperating.

Several people managed to leave the train so that was when we just sat together and I just stayed babysitting him lol.

We eventually got to Chiba and they went to another izakaya O__O people with jobs man, I just paid this one though I didn't get anything. The smoke was hurting a few of our eyes but I decided to just go out and chill so I listened to music and rested my eyes, it was nice.

Eventually Miki came out for the same reason and Yuki and Kyle followed along. We were all just chillin' outside the izakaya and talking. Naoya came all drunk and took a picture because he said we looked so hipster lol.

Afterwards, Mai came and we talked a bit. But we decided to head back home. So Mai, David, and Alex went back with Naoya while me, Yuki, and Miki went back to Shotaro's. We chilled at his place for a bit and then knocked out.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Photographer @mmmtangerine

Since being back in California I have been doing the things I was planning since Japan.

I have already gone back into modeling here, and luckily since I'm in California the selection of photographers is much larger and have more styles of what I want to do. I had one short shoot today which I definitely learned a lot and enjoyed so much. We are making plans for another shoot next week.

Tomorrow I also have another shoot so I'm excited. Just bummed because I'm so broke and my wardrobe is so limited. I am still in my hometown but should be leaving to Irvine by the end of next week to look for jobs near my school. Sucks not having a car.

Also, once I'm in Irvine I will be working out like crazy. I'm doing some home exercises here and there (barely anything), but I want to take full advantage of the ARC (UCI gym) and work out. I need an ass. Lol, but seriously.

I've been keeping up my healthy eating of nonstop vegetables and fruits. I'm so happy to be able to have smoothies again ;__; lol The other day I made a spinach chicken salad with salsa as the dressing. Omgg so fuckin' good lol.

Also, I just dyed my hair a brighter red again :] not as bright as before, but still a lovely red. My mom was definitely not happy, and hates my hair red but oh well. She also isn't so supportive about my modeling anymore and freaked out when she saw my stretched ears.

She was really upset, asking me what can't I be normal. I can't really say much to that, other than apologize for not being the daughter she wanted. I understand that each parent has ideals of how they want their child to be, some more than others so I get it. Unfortunately, it's not always how it goes.

I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life and am happy where it's going. Sadly, my parents are not going to agree with most of the decisions I make in my life but hopefully they can just understand it's my life and respect my decisions, though I know the chances of that happening are not likely.

Going to work hard, #gettingbacktoit.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Thunderstorms and Food Babies.

July 24th, 2014

I hung out with Jen one last time before I left to the states. We met up at Yokohama station, and Jen was nice enough to help me cancel my wifi. Unfortunately, we had to go to Kawasaki to cancel it because the Bic Camera at Yokohama doesn't cancel contracts. It was a tad annoying but we saw this as a way to have an adventure.

It was very humid and we were sweating like pigs lol. After going to Bic Camera and dealing with the mess of canceling, they robbed me $160 to cancel e__e Japan man. Oh well, I just wanted to get it over with.

Afterwards, me and Jen went to Lazona Kawasaki Plaza to eat Korean food. It was yummy and we talked about several things going on. 

Jen will be leaving to the states soon, and i'm excited because she will be making plans to visit California once she's settled it. Hopefully we don't miss each other!

After staying at the Korean restaurant for a bit it started to pour like crazy and have severe thunderstorms. We were so bummed because we wanted to go to the ferris wheel at Yokohama since neither of us had been on it :[ but we didn't want to die lol. So we stayed at the restaurant until it cleared up a bit.

Afterwards we decided to search for purikura, we wanted to take it the last time we met up but were talking so much we forgot lol.

Kawasaki had nothing but pachinko places. Jen even searched on her phone and they said they had a place but nopee. It was starting to pour again so hurried and ran to the station since we didn't have umbrellas.

We went back to Yokohama station where we finally took purikura :D We were pregnant with food babies, my little Issei and her little Arielle lol. But the purikura turned out pretty cute, especially one with mustaches. I need to still scan it lol.

Afterwards, we decided to chill at Starbucks till one of the last trains. I had the new strawberry frap which tasted so lovely but cost an arm and a leg and I didn't notice till I looked at the receipt lol. And Jen ended up just being thirst and wanting water rather than a frap so she didn't finish her drink haha.

It was so much fun though, and I was happy to hang out with Jen one last time before I left. I know it was just recent that we met up in person, but we get along so well, we just click! I can't wait till we meet again.

I'm so bummed she is leaving Japan when I am going back but we will definitely keep in touch :]

Monday, August 4, 2014


July 23, 2014

I've never been to a hanabi viewing before in Japan so when Ah Young found this out she looked for a large fireworks display that would be occurring before I left Japan that was semi close to both of us.

We decided to go to the one in Kamakura because it would be by the beach and we thought it would be nice.

I went to Kagasaki where she is staying with her previous host family and where we got dressed. I didn't really like my hair but oh well. We were lucky enough to get dressed by her host mom who dresses people in yukatas and kimonos for a living. She did a lovely job :]

It took forever to get from Chigasaki to Kamakura but luckily we were able to get seats on the train. The train was more packed than on rush hour and there were people with kids too O__O it was a mess.

Luckily we got there and the only thing we could thing about was food lol. We waited in line for okonomiyaki where the fireworks display began but it was alright because we had a good view in line :]

I was taking pics and video in line. Mostly pics at first, but I realized how hard it was to take photos of fireworks lol. Most of my photos did not come out well. We finally got our okonomiyaki after about 20 minutes of waiting and we just wanted to find somewhere to eat since we were starving lol.

We found a random spot and were able to watch the fireworks a bit more and eat. Me and Ah Young looked like vultures because we were so hungry LOL.

We then wanted dessert so I got my choco banana :D I always wanted one since New Years at Nagoya so I finally got it. It was so yummy! And Ah Young got shaved ice. We went to another spot to finish watching the fireworks.

They were doing shout outs, and there were a few proposals which was quite cute.

I ended up recording the finale which was amazing. It was what I was waiting to see after seeing so many beautiful photos of fireworks in Japan. I wasn't disappointed.

Afterwards, we decided to walk back to Kamakura station and on the way there were more food stalls so we friend some more food. It was fun and nice to see couples in yukatas and people in yukatas in general.

Afterwards, we walked to the station which was sooo packed. Took forever to get home. I missed my last train so I stayed with Ah Young and her host family. I met her friend which was the daughter and she was so cute and nice.

We stayed up talking for several hours and then had to get up early in the morning. Smart choice, haha.

It was fun though, and a pleasant memory. My first fireworks display in Japan :]

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Californiaa, Californiaaa ♪

Back in my lovely California, though I admit it feels weird being here. It oddly feels like I never even left to Japan and that me being in Japan didn't even happen. Strange huh? I can't explain it.

Also, as for missing people, I didn't really miss anyone. So when my cousins ask me "Doesn't it feel like it's good to be home?" I just lie and say yes, but I don't really care to be honest. But that probably has to go back to my detachment stuff I have.

As for reverse culture shock, there are some things that are tripping me out. For one, how large the food is. I wanted to buy cucumbers today and saw how big they were and I was genuinely confused and thought that I couldn't find the right ones lol. I ended up not getting them because they freaked me out so much lol.

I also noticed how significantly bigger Californians are to Japanese. I didn't think so since most of my friends are thinner so I thought this was just something that applied to the rest of America and not California but boy, are people large.

But then again, I'm not in Orange County and I'm in my gross hometown that is filled with overweight country bumpkins to begin with. Which is another reason why I'm pretty nonchalant about being back in California, probably because I'm in my shitty hometown that I can't stand.

So far, there are only a few things I noticed I missed.

One, how chill Californians are. I got off the plane and needed to fill out my customs form and asked one of the immigration officers if I could borrow a pen and he responded with "sure, but you need to fill it out here because too many people jack them" lol. Omg slang! I missed you~ And casualness, I missed you too! And he had a huge tattoo sleeve so I was just like ;___; 久しぶり chillness〜 my favorite thing about California lol.

Two, is how the sun rises much later here. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed it, but when I woke up at 5am and it was still dark outside I couldn't help but smile. The sun doesn't start coming out till 6 or 7am, it's so nice. This reconfirms my hatred for the sun lol. It took forever to get used to the sun coming out so early in Japan.

And lastly, I missed going to other people's housing and chilling and the energetic atmosphere from a Mexican family. This was something I noticed in Japan, but it was definitely confirmed when we went to visit our family in Hesperia and they had a bunch of Mexican food, played music really loudly, and talked and danced and what not. Didn't have to worry about the walls being too thin or any of that. And not having to go out and just going over to someone's place is soo nice.

I still have many posts to write about me in Japan but my jet lag and going out with the family has been taking up most of my time which is normal lol. I'm excited to go back to Irvine though! Just not excited to not have a car, soo hard not having a car in California

This song always makes me smile.
The song people always sang to me when I told them I was
from Orange County or California lol.