Saturday, July 5, 2014

UCEAP Farewell Dinner / 久しぶり / Recover

This weekend has definitely been a nice change of pace. Since I was going out every day of the week I have been exhausted and sleeping way too much. Going out every day drains me way more than it should.

Wednesday I went to this UCEAP Farewell dinner. Why did I decide to go? For the free food and I thought it wouldn't be bad to catch up with fellow UC students. I ended up regretting it quite as soon as I started talking to some fellow UC students.

Yeah, I don't know why I thought I could get along with these people. It gave me bad vibes, flashbacks to the ILP program. The only brightside was talking to some of the UC people I liked, but even then I don't think it was worth it.

Surround yourself with people that only make you feel good about yourself. This was a reminder of that.

The only thing that made it worth it was that I met a new friend who will be studying at UCI so I told her about JSA and life in Irvine and I could tell she was relieved to learn so much. She was super nice, and we exchanged lines and are currently texting so we can meet up when we go to California :] I  swear, she was the only one who made it worth it.

Thursday, I went with Ah Young to a museum so I can write one of my papers, which took half the day because Ah Young got us lost going back to the station -.- lol

I ended up meeting my friend Tony afterwards :D he was visiting Japan with one of his friends. I was so happy to see him, it had been a year since I've seen him. I missed him, but since he is young, his views are still naive as ever lol.

We ate sushi, walked, talked, went to Mos Burger to shelter from the rain, then went to karaoke for 3 hours, where we butchered Japanese songs haha. But I realized how much better my reading of Japanese got. Then afterwards we went to Denny's to shelter from rain again, until we headed back on our last trains.

His friend was really nice, and we all took pictures before we parted ways. Tony said he would see me in California.

Friday, I went out to run errands and was rushing since I woke up late -.-

Saturday, I was suppose to hang out with Jen, but she ended up getting sick. Although I was bummed, we will be hanging out sometime this weekend so it's all good and dandy ^-^ same with Dish, she went out all night and asked to change plans.

I was actually staying up typing a paper and procrastinating so I woke up late today so that worked for me as well lol. And I definitely needed to recharge.

I haven't been feeling well, probably all the outings and lack of eating vegetables since I've been eating out with friends. My body craves them like crazy now.

I've actually been a good student and am typing my papers. I know, blasphemy. But I am still taking one hour breaks in between typing sentences haha.

My breaks have consisted of watching NANA. It's been forever since I've seen that anime, so I decided to re-watch it. And as always, all the emotions come rushing back. This anime, man.

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