Saturday, July 19, 2014

july eighteenth.

It was Lyy's birthday Friday, so we met up Thursday night at Hiyoshi to get sushi and countdown to her birthday.

It has always been something I wanted to do, to play with sparklers by the river in Japan after seeing it in NANA. Lyy thought it was a nice idea so we walked to the river and on our way stopped by Don Quijote to get some sparklers :]

I wanted to go to Tamagawa since that's the river where Nana and Hachi lived by and lit their fireworks but since we would be doing a countdown to Lyy's it would be hard since there would be no trains and it would be difficult to stay up till the first train.

We ended up going to Tsurumigawa which is a river I went with my friends when I first came here, in walking distance of Hiyoshi (about 30 minutes). I also took Lyy there in the winter so we thought it would be nice to go there.

When it turned 12:00 I lit a candle for Lyy to put on her little birthday cheesecake I got for her and sang happy birthday. She made a wish and blew out the candle.

We lit all the sparklers and bought a big blue firework. It was so much, since this stuff is illegal in California. We took polaroids, pictures, video, etc. to commemorate the event.

Playing with the sparklers really made it feel like it was summer.

Lyy even bought bubbles at Don Quijote and played with them quite a bit, she liked them more than the sparkers to be honest lol.

Eventually since it started to drizzle towards the end of the night, we just went to my place and chilled and talk till 6am where she headed back home to rest and meet up later.

We met up at Tower Records and went to Silkream for dessert. We stayed there and chatted a bit and then headed towards Harajuku because she wanted to go to this one place where there is a nice view that her friend recently showed her.

The view was of Harajuku, and it was definitely lovely. The lights from the shop lit up the streets beautifully, even more so than the lights from the buildings.

It would be nice to just chill there and smoke to be honest, it was so relaxing.

We headed towards A to Z afterwards to just chill for the rest of the night till the last train. It was a very chill birthday, which tend to be the better ones in my opinion.

At the end of the night we also took bday purikura since we tried to take pictures ourselves but it ended up looking bad lol. The purikura was meh but better than our selfies lol.


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