Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I knew you were trouble / oh, how things have changed.

The past two days, me and Lyy spent it all day together. I was helping her through some boy troubles she had going on.

Sunday night, since I was a bit sick she just came to Hiyoshi where we stayed out all night just talking. We went to the spot we were at on Christmas. It was so nostalgic and not even that long ago but it seems like it is. We have changed so much since then.

We stayed out talking about guys to be honest lol. I actually confessed to her some small hopes I have about the guy back in Nagoya and she did the same about a guy that is currently on her mind. Oh, life lol.

It was nice though, just spending all night out. We walked by a river where I got a few bites from mosquitos. I'm so intelligent haha. And we ate konbini food until around 3am to 4am where we went back to my place to knock out.

☓ ☓ ☓

Yesterday, I was too tired to go to classes since we stayed out (I know, intelligent again) so we just went out to Shibuya and chilled.

We ended up going to this place called Cafe de la Ville. Which was pretty yummy, I ended up really liking it. And it was nice to change it up a bit. They had paninis and french toast. So good.

Anyways, mostly just talked again. About nonsense. Still trying to help Lyy also with her situation, guys man lol.

We then went to Tower Records as usual and then after hours of being there headed home for the last train. The thing is though, we didn't want to go home.

I had this crazy idea, I thought we should stay out tonight again. But this time, make it a fun night with alcohol. So we went to the konbini and got ふんわり鏡月 because I remember this got me buzzed with Naoya and Shotaro during our last karaoke outing.

We went to the park and ended up drinking the bottle between us. We walked to Harajuku and chilled a bit till the alcohol sank in. Where Lyy vented to me about her issues.

Eventually, we decided to go to Rockaholic and chill there. These guys came up to us on our way and asked us to get drinks with them. We were a bit hesitant, but decided why not. They seemed chill and they said one drink. So, we did.

It was chill, they were nice. And as promised, it was just for one drink. In my case, two haha. We exchanged LINE with some of them and two of the guys were coming with us to Rockaholic. But then decided they were going to head back.

We went to Rockaholic but I don't know, I felt like going to the bar that M took me since I actually know people there and since he was currently in Osaka it made me feel better about going haha.

He told me to go there if I ever want to see him which made me avoid that place because I don't want him to think he's that special where I would go just to see him haha so all the more reason to go while he is out of town.

I was actually really happy to see the staff and they were happy to see me as well! I introduced them to Lyy and then they y asked me where M was, and I told them about him being on tour.

We chatted a bit with the staff. I was mostly catching up with them. And we talked about several things. My memory did get a bit fuzzy at this point so Lyy had to freshen my memory up. We talked about M and guys in general haha.

It's funny since they are good friends with M and we got to the subject of him being charai. The guy bartender told me that I am also charai and I said yeah because I wouldn't be serious about a person if they aren't not serious about me. Both him and the girl bartender then nodded as in "Ah makes sense" kinda thing.

She then asked me who was my type and I showed her the guy from Nagoya. She thought he was really cute and said she approved haha. I told her that M didn't like him and she started laughing.

We talked about a bunch of other stuff and I found out the girl bartender had tattoos! She is so cute omg, and nice lol. Eventually, since I was feeling sick we ended up heading back. She was in the back when the guy bartender told her I was leaving she ran out and came to hug me. Seriously, love her ;__;

We then walked to the station. Lyy was taking care of me since I was still tipsy. I ended up going back on the train and missing my station lol but oh well~ I came home and knocked the fuck out.

It was lots of fun though. I seriously cannot emphasize how fun the past two days were.

It sucks that my life in Japan is completely settling down now and I am already leaving at the end of this month. I wish I didn't have to leave, I really wish I could stay.

Before, I was looking forward to going back because I love California so much. But, the friends I made and the life I wanted, it's all here. Of course, I am planning on coming back but it will be different. I will be starting over again.

Oh well, no point in sulking about it. I'm just happy that all the things I wanted from Japan, I ended up getting. I've grown so much as a person, I'm the happiest I've ever been,  and now, more than ever, I know what I want.

30 more days.

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