Friday, July 11, 2014

Black Cherry / Final Everything.

So, I did it. I finally caved in and re-dyed my hair red again.

I wasn't going to do it. But while I was dying the tips, I decided to dye the part of my hair that was becoming a light brown. I didn't realize how high the light brown was and before I knew it, I was dying my whole head red.

My hair is not bright red like before. It's more like a black cherry, a burgundy with red ombre. Funny, this was the color I first had when I started dying my hair red for the first time (minus the ombre part). Then, it gradually became the bright red in all my photos before. It's like my hair cycle is starting all over again haha.

I am not planning on going so bright again though, I only have one more year at the uni and then go back to Japan (if things go as planned) so don't want to dye my hair so bright again. And it actually went that bright unintentionally haha.

Once you dye your hair red you always start to think, "it's not red enough" and that's how it got to the Rihanna red haha. Then I was like, "it's red enough" haha.

Anyways, I am already dealing with the repercussions of having red hair. It's already bleeding on my clothes and I can no longer buy any white clothes. Which sucks, because I just bought a white summer dress T__T

What's worse is that this hair dye bleeds even more because it's non-permanent since it was just the dye I would use to dye my tips.

But oh well, I am actually ridiculously happy my hair is red again and it will be fine once I'm back in California in dry weather. I know my mom is going to throw a fit when I come back because she hates me with red hair. Oh well. I just hope she doesn't complain too much.

Once I go back to California, I will be stretching my ears to 00g. They are now both ready to go to the next size,  I am so excited.

I've been busy like crazy getting ready to leave and meeting up with friends who want to see my one last time before I go. Not to mention, exams and final papers. Whoo~ so much fun going on.

I wouldn't be so stressed if the money factor wasn't a problem and if I didn't have finals going on lol. But oh well. It will be over by next week, which makes it even more stressful. Procrastination queen here.

I'm actually planning on going to my first hanabi this month as well with Ah Young! I can't wait! We're planning on dressing in yukatas and her friend's mom does hair and all that so I can't wait. I've always wanted to do this but gave up on the idea of it ever happening and now it's actually going to happen. Tears of joy~

18 days.

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