Thursday, June 19, 2014

Until the End.

Wednesday was a lovely day. After my classes, I met up with Lyy in Shibuya where we did the usual of getting sushi for lunch.

It's been getting warmer, so I decided to buy some summer clothes.  I don't like shopping much, but was able to find two summer dresses at H&M. I'll probably go to Forever 21 one more time before I leave and then I'll be done.

Afterwards, we were pretty tired so we just went to Tower Records. Coldrain's new mini album was released so I of course bought it. There was a stand with SiM as well since they recently released a new dvd.

There were a lot of things going on at Tower Records that day actually and one of them was promotional stands for Linkin Park. Oh the memories~

Me and Lyy just stayed and chilled at Tower Records Cafe as always. It's our new spot since Silkream closes so early and A to Z is a bit of a walk and we are lazy.

For once, I didn't want nachos :o I ended up craving pasta, so I got a salmon pasta which was yummy.

We stayed till the last train and when I got home I listened to the new coldrain mini album. It was good, though there were more soft songs than harder ones, I still really liked it. House of Cards stood out to me.

Time is flying by really fast. I'm going to be pretty busy these next few weeks with papers and meeting with friends since I'm leaving soon. Forty days left.

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