Friday, June 20, 2014

Random walks.

Yesterday after class, I ended up running into Ah Young. It had been forever since we have hung out so we decided to go eat and catch up.

We went to get Indian food, the usual place at Mita. The naan was bigger than usual and I ended up eating more than usual. Both me and Ah Young are watching our weight so we decided to walk a few stations instead of taking the train because if we took the train we would just laze about at home.

Also, Ah Young's teiki expired so it would save her money.

We talked about random things, but mostly about plans of coming back and finding a job in Japan once we graduate.

We ended up walking through many small neighborhoods. It was really nice! I haven't walked through neighborhoods in forever, always walking past businesses and restaurants so to walk by houses was a nice change.

There was even one section that reminded me of California and another section reminded AhYoung of San Francisco.

And there were so many beautiful flowers. The weather was just nice yesterday, reminded me of California weather.

We ended up walking 6 km, Mita station to Musashikoyama. I was really tired by the end since we got lost a few times and me and any form of movement has been nonexistent lately but it was a good kind of tired, I was happy.

I came home and took a nap which hindered my sleeping schedule but it's all good.

Tomorrow I will be meeting up with Jana one last time before I leave back to California. I am excited to see her.

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