Saturday, June 28, 2014

Miss Wave.

I needed today. I don't know, but today was the most fun I've had in such a long time. A different kind of fun though, like someone that I can talk to about everything and could understand me so well. I met up with Jennifer, finally after being in Japan for so long.

We went to the Sad Cafe which had a bunch of super hero figures and what not. But to be honest, we were talking so much, I didn't notice the interior much lol. But the burgers were good and cheap :D I haven't had a burger in forever.

Me and Jennifer just talked for hours and hours. About many things, Japan, boys, California, you name it. We got along so well, and clicked immediately.

We ended up going to Silkream and Tower Records to talk more once Silkream was closing. It was just non-stop talking haha.

Afterwards, Dish messaged Jennifer that she was at Rockaholic so we stopped buy and had a drink and chilled a bit. Dish was awesome also, and we are actually hanging out next weekend :] but we didn't want to stay out all night so we headed back on the last train.

Me and Jennifer are going to hang out again before I leave.

I am so bummed I am leaving Japan. I wish we could have met earlier, we went through so many similar experiences but things were complicated for the both of us so we didn't get the chance to meet up.

I was just happy to talk to her now, it was seriously crazy how similar we are. And it was nice to share stories.

Jennifer might come to California in the fall/winter so if she does we will definitely hang out then :]

Thank you so much for today, Jennifer! I really had lots of fun, you have no idea.

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