Monday, June 2, 2014

Making Friends in Bathrooms.

The amount of LINE ids I got last Friday night due to meeting them in the bathroom was a bit strange but awesome at the same time lol.

Yesterday me and Lyy went to go meet up with Michael who invited us to his bar to drink. They were having a special where all drinks were 300 yen. I wasn't planning on drinking, but these type of atmospheres make me nervous lol so I drank a bit more than expected.

Me and Lyy just chilled at the bar and talked. We were worried it was going to be another Rockaholic episode but luckily it didn't turn that way. We talked with the half Peruvian guy which we later found out his name was Eyner. Which is an interesting name.

It was cute because he wanted to speak English and practice so he would practice with me and Lyy. I also spoke to him in Spanish since he can speak it a bit as well :]

After a few shots and some good music playing I kept getting excited whenever a song I liked came on. Which, according to Lyy was almost every song haha. My friends always tell me this because when a song plays I'm like "I LIKE THIS SONG!" then the next song plays and it's the same thing haha.

What can I say? I love music, lol.

It's my time of the month so I would go to the bathroom to do lady things lol and while being there I met like 3 random Japanese girls 3 different times. They were so nice and cute like wtf.

They would tell me I'm super pretty and cool and they want to be friends with me. This has never happened to me in most Japanese girls give me dirty looks or ignore me so for them to be talking to me randomly was so strange but nice.

I felt weird that they thought I was so pretty though because again, that doesn't happen here lol. I say I'm usually not Japanese guys' type and they told me it's because I'm they probably think they don't stand a chance haha they were so sweet. They also thought I was half, again it's been a while since I heard this. It's such a compliment though ;__; lol

I exchanged LINE ids with 3 different girls at 3 different times lol. I don't know if I'll actually hang out with them or if they were just drunk and asking in the moment but it was still nice to meet them. I'm actually texting two of them now.

I was back with Lyy and I don't know how but some random guy came and was there. I was talking to him for a bit but he was a bit touchy so me and Lyy didn't like him.

Lyy disappeared for a bit so I went to look for her in the bathroom. Apparently, she wasn't feeling too well, too many shots D:

Then there was a guy in the girl's bathroom, like wtf. Lyy said apparently he had no shirt but I don't remember. He was tall as fuck though, apparently 192cm! And yes, he was Japanese lol, he plays basketball.

I also met his friend who was half Japanese and half black. He didn't speak any English, which probably surprised most people since he looks more foreigner than anything but he was really chill and cool to talk to as well :]

After Lyy got out of the bathroom we decided to head home since she wasn't feeling to well.

It was such a random night but oddly fun, lol. Michael invited me to a clubbing event Sunday night but I decided to be a good student and study for my Japanese midterm. Which seems like it went well!

Tomorrow is Lili's birthday and we are going to go clubbing with a group of friends to celebrate. Then Friday is the actual birthday celebration with our friend Toshiki (different from the Yokohama Toshiki lol).

Though I'm a bit excited for it, I'm also a bit tired of going out T__T lol. Also, a lot of my friends are making plans to see me before I go back to California. I'm hoping to be more free from next week.

To be honest, I'm mostly looking forward to Wednesday night. But I won't say anything about that just yet :]

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