Sunday, June 8, 2014


Today, I met up with Chu! ♡ It had been forever since I seen her, last July to be exact :o she was just starting her study abroad experience in Irvine when I was getting ready to leave to Japan.

Due to conflict of schedules, this was the first time we were able to hang out since she been back. I was pretty happy to hang out with her and forgot how much I liked her.

We talked about music, her study abroad experience in Irvine, mine in Japan. I told her I was planning on coming back to Japan and she was super happy to hear it but when I told her I might go to Nagoya she was a bit bummed.

We bonded over our dislike of conceited girls/foreign girls and shared just talked about our different experiences in Japan and California.

It was really nice, Chu is so chill I can totally get along with her. And it's a plus we have the same taste in music :]

We ended up going to the Korean restaurant I went with Ah Young and Lyy. I swear I love that place, it's my favorite lol.

And it was pretty interesting because the waiter lived in California before and was actually a student at UC Irvine as well but then transferred to a university in Japan after doing military service in Korea. I was like wtfff, since both me and Chu obviously went to UCI, he was surprised as well.

And I guessed he went to Temple since I had friends who studied there as well and it's close to Keio, which he did. It was weird lol, such a small world! Especially, Japan lol.

He was quite cute and I told Chu she should make a move if we go there again and he is there haha. She was so cute about it >< ♡

But when we were walking out to the frozen yogurt place we were talking about how cute he was and then he showed up next to us and said hi and we were like "WTF O__O" and then waved goodbye since he was walking ahead haha. Chu got embarrassed but I was just trippin' out since he came from nowhere lol Chu is so cute xD

Anyways, we went to get frozen yogurt and it was so yummy~ I love it so much. We stayed there and talked for a good while and before we knew it, it was time to go home!

I really missed Chu and really hope I can hang out with her again before I leave.

I keep saying this, I really don't want to leave Japan >< I am looking forward to going back to California but I don't want to leave Japan. So bummed, I'll try my best to come back really soon though if everything works out as planned!

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