Saturday, June 14, 2014

Just like back in California.

Boy, has it been a good while since I have met up with these two fellas. Naoya had recently liked one of my photos on Facebook so I messaged him and he told me he was just about to message me too lol. We chatted a bit and decided to meet up before I left back to California.

Shotaro is never on any forms of social networks, LINE or Facebook so Naoya asked him when he was free and we planned the day.

We ended up meeting in Akihabara and went to karaoke. I thought meeting in Akihabara was pretty random, but Shotaro thought I still lived in Sugamo (yeah, that's how long it's been lol).

We did the usual, go to a konbini, buy alcohol, sneak it into the karaoke place, and sing for several hours while getting tipsy.

They brought a friend named Yuki. She was very nice, and was a good singer :D we had the same taste of music, and it was soo much fun to sing rock songs with her. We sang Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard and Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Shotaro sang all my favorites, and same with Naoya. I really missed hearing them sing. It was definitely nostalgic and reminded me of the times back in California.

I was talking to Shotaro for a bit since it had been forever seen I'd seen him, longer than Naoya. And while Naoya and Yuki were singing I admitted to Shotaro that back in California I had a crush on him. He immediately smiled and was surprised and said he liked me too but didn't think I liked him since he was Japanese -__- lol wtf kind of reasoning is that lol.

It doesn't matter now, but I told him he should learn from this haha. I didn't make any moves since his love life was complicated at that time. It was just nice to talk about our stuff out in the open haha.

We sang karaoke for 4 hours and then it was time to head back. Shotaro told me he wanted to meet up with me one more time before I go back to California, but it wouldn't be till July since he is currently busy with two jobs.

I hugged all of them goodbye, including Yuki :] she was really so sweet. And I left to meet up with Lyy.

I was happy to see them again before I left. They really bring nostalgic feelings.

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