Saturday, June 21, 2014

Catching Up and Chit Chats.

Today I met up with Jana, it has been quite a while! Last time, we met up it was in February! We ended up meeting at Shibuya where she took me to the cafe she has been wanting to. 

Sadly, they completely changed it. But we decided to still go there to eat since the food looked yummy! They had chicken waffles *__* I ended up getting past though because they fried the chicken and it seemed too heavy, plus the pasta was only 950 yen! So cheap~ lol

We stayed there for a while and caught up on everything. Future plans, dating, friends, etc, etc.

Jana has one more year left in Japan and she will be returning to California to get into masters programs. She has already been looking at universities :]

I told her about my future plans of coming back, and aiming for Nagoya. I'm most likely going to be teaching English so she was telling me some stuff to expect.

Jana also went to Korea and told me about her trip. She really liked Korea, even maybe more thank Japan. I really want to go to  Korea but money :/ I will go next time I come back to Japan.

Me and Jana talked about our overall experience in Japan and how we really enjoyed it. Jana seems to be tired of teaching though and is ready to go to school again.

We also talked about how we are very grateful to be from California, and grateful for our parents immigrating there. No, not the U.S., but California lol. Me and Jana agree that there is a distinct difference between California and other states.

We are lucky to be living in a state with such diverse cultures, and being in Japan helped us realize this. Diversity is a lovely thing, though being in a homogenous society doesn't bother me too much to be honest. Just lets me appreciate diversity more.

Anyways, we talked about a lot of things but couldn't catch up completely since Jana had to leave at 4pm. It was still nice to catch up though.

We might meet up again, but if not, the next time will be in California since she will be visiting this summer :]

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