Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Yesterday was Lili's birthday. And although she is celebrating it with Toshiki on Friday, she wanted to do something on her actual birthday.

We were going to go to a Mexican restaurant that she liked and then go to clubbing at Harlem since hip hop is her favorite and she is friends with many of the people there.

The Mexican restaurant was pretty good, I was so happy to have beans again omg lol. I forgot how much I love them, and they had yummy cocktails.

Also, it had an amazing night view that my iphone could not capture lol. It was so nice though, I would really want to go there again sometime.

We surprised Lili with a cake and she was totally happy haha. She loves birthdays, especially hers haha.

After eating, we went to Harlem. Lili was already tipsy but everyone else wasn't really lol. Some headed back home because they had class the next day while some of us went to the conibini to get some more alcohol.

I really didn't want to drink conbini alcohol, or alcohol in general for that matter for some reason so I passed.

After everyone drank their drinks we headed inside to the club.

I danced a bit here and there, but really wasn't into it. I don't know, I'm just not really into clubbing anymore. But of course, I wanted to be there for Lili' birthday so it was okay :]

We saw Taiga and Takahiro. It had been forever since I'd seen them but we talked for a bit.

Lili was pretty drunk and kept bouncing everywhere and then the alcohol hit her pretty bad and she just basically knocked out.

I took care of her though, she was pretty drunk and just kept sleeping but I stayed by her side and got her water and stuff.

I ended up meeting some new and interesting people though, and since I didn't want to dance I actually enjoyed myself even if I was just taking care of Lili. I don't mind these kind of things actually.

After a few hours she got a bit better after going to the toilet and then she was all genki again lol but by then the club was already closing.

We chilled with Haru and Hiroya. Since Lili was still genki she didn't want to go home so we all just chilled outside and just talked for another hour or so.

I ended up meeting this one guy that works at the place that me and Lyy always go to do our hair. At first i didn't recognize him when he came up to me but then I realized who he was and was like WTFF haha. He was nice though, but I forgot his name -__- lol

Anyways, me, Lili, Haru, and Hiroya were all talking about hanging out. Hiroya kept telling me he really liked me and wanted to date me. He likes to joke around a lot so I didn't think he was serious but Lili says she thinks he probably is lol -.-

He's funny, and so persistent because it had been forever since I'd seen him and he told me the same thing last time lol. I never take guys seriously.

Eventually, Haru was nice enough to take us home in his car. Lili knocked out while I talked to Haru and Hiroya and listened to M-flo and CREAM.

They were surprised I knew them, and apparently Hiroya is friends with Verbal and CREAM.

We eventually got back where me and Lili talked a bit more and knocked out.

It was really a fun day even though I didn't really do what you should be doing at a club, which was dancing and drinking haha. But it was nice being there for Lili and talking to Haru and Hiroya.


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