Friday, June 27, 2014

A Lovely New Friend.

Yesterday was a productive day. I was able to finally paying my health insurance, change it back to premium for the remaining time I will be in Japan, and got more info about me having to unregister out of the ward office. Me and Lili also looked for boxes to ship out things in, though the ones we got may be too big.

I was going to meet Kaho later on that night so I decided to take a nap. Kaho was one of the girl's I met that night I was meeting random people in the bathroom.

She was a bit late so I just chilled at Tower Records and read a book. When she came, I forgot how pretty she was. She apologized for being late but I really didn't mind, I just kept staring at her because she was so pretty.

I was a bit drunk when we met so I remembered her being pretty but not her actual face lol.

We then walked to a random izakaya where she kept telling me I am really pretty and had nice style but I was looking at her dumbfounded because I was the one who should be telling her that because she really was gorgeous and her style was lovely.

She is a makeup artist, so you can already get an idea. Those girls know how to look gorgeous.

Kaho doesn't speak any English, so the whole time it was Japanese convo with occasional words of English I taught her. She is so cute, and her English pronunciation is good.

We had shabu shabu and talked about ourselves since this was the first time we were meeting up. We talked about family, my life in Japan, if she's been abroad, her work, my school, and of course boys lol.

Me and Kaho are actually really similar in what we look for in a guy, and have pretty much the same situation with guys going on as well. It was nice because some Japanese people aren't open about their love life I guess you could say? lol

We chilled for several hours and then ended up going back home. It was lots of fun and we are going to try to meet up before I leave again. Kaho was so bummed to find out I was leaving soon, she is so cute lol.

Yeah, I still can't believe I am leaving. Before I was a bit bummed, but even more so now, I get this heavy feeling when I look at my calendar and see just how little time I really have left. I remember wanting to leave ASAP so I can come back ASAP but now all I'm thinking is, "I'm leaving .____." lol

A year is definitely not enough. All the stability just started happening after the 7-8 month mark.

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