Saturday, June 28, 2014

Miss Wave.

I needed today. I don't know, but today was the most fun I've had in such a long time. A different kind of fun though, like someone that I can talk to about everything and could understand me so well. I met up with Jennifer, finally after being in Japan for so long.

We went to the Sad Cafe which had a bunch of super hero figures and what not. But to be honest, we were talking so much, I didn't notice the interior much lol. But the burgers were good and cheap :D I haven't had a burger in forever.

Me and Jennifer just talked for hours and hours. About many things, Japan, boys, California, you name it. We got along so well, and clicked immediately.

We ended up going to Silkream and Tower Records to talk more once Silkream was closing. It was just non-stop talking haha.

Afterwards, Dish messaged Jennifer that she was at Rockaholic so we stopped buy and had a drink and chilled a bit. Dish was awesome also, and we are actually hanging out next weekend :] but we didn't want to stay out all night so we headed back on the last train.

Me and Jennifer are going to hang out again before I leave.

I am so bummed I am leaving Japan. I wish we could have met earlier, we went through so many similar experiences but things were complicated for the both of us so we didn't get the chance to meet up.

I was just happy to talk to her now, it was seriously crazy how similar we are. And it was nice to share stories.

Jennifer might come to California in the fall/winter so if she does we will definitely hang out then :]

Thank you so much for today, Jennifer! I really had lots of fun, you have no idea.

Friday, June 27, 2014

A Lovely New Friend.

Yesterday was a productive day. I was able to finally paying my health insurance, change it back to premium for the remaining time I will be in Japan, and got more info about me having to unregister out of the ward office. Me and Lili also looked for boxes to ship out things in, though the ones we got may be too big.

I was going to meet Kaho later on that night so I decided to take a nap. Kaho was one of the girl's I met that night I was meeting random people in the bathroom.

She was a bit late so I just chilled at Tower Records and read a book. When she came, I forgot how pretty she was. She apologized for being late but I really didn't mind, I just kept staring at her because she was so pretty.

I was a bit drunk when we met so I remembered her being pretty but not her actual face lol.

We then walked to a random izakaya where she kept telling me I am really pretty and had nice style but I was looking at her dumbfounded because I was the one who should be telling her that because she really was gorgeous and her style was lovely.

She is a makeup artist, so you can already get an idea. Those girls know how to look gorgeous.

Kaho doesn't speak any English, so the whole time it was Japanese convo with occasional words of English I taught her. She is so cute, and her English pronunciation is good.

We had shabu shabu and talked about ourselves since this was the first time we were meeting up. We talked about family, my life in Japan, if she's been abroad, her work, my school, and of course boys lol.

Me and Kaho are actually really similar in what we look for in a guy, and have pretty much the same situation with guys going on as well. It was nice because some Japanese people aren't open about their love life I guess you could say? lol

We chilled for several hours and then ended up going back home. It was lots of fun and we are going to try to meet up before I leave again. Kaho was so bummed to find out I was leaving soon, she is so cute lol.

Yeah, I still can't believe I am leaving. Before I was a bit bummed, but even more so now, I get this heavy feeling when I look at my calendar and see just how little time I really have left. I remember wanting to leave ASAP so I can come back ASAP but now all I'm thinking is, "I'm leaving .____." lol

A year is definitely not enough. All the stability just started happening after the 7-8 month mark.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Things to do.

This week is going to be super busy. I am going to be going out much more than usual.

Meeting up with people I recently met and meeting up with friends that are trying to make the most of my time here since I am leaving.

It's very pleasant, but it sucks because money T__T I hate being broke. And it's also a bit tiring since I don't like to go out multiple times a week. Yeah, I know I'm weird.

Also getting busy with papers since it's becoming the end of the semester. Funn. Starting some tonight, and then in the beginning of July I am going to try to do most of them since I'm going to be busy this remaining month.

Some more fun, is all the moving stuff I need to do. Sending stuff back home, moving out forms, health insurance, visa extensions. So much fun, lol. And money~

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Catching Up and Chit Chats.

Today I met up with Jana, it has been quite a while! Last time, we met up it was in February! We ended up meeting at Shibuya where she took me to the cafe she has been wanting to. 

Sadly, they completely changed it. But we decided to still go there to eat since the food looked yummy! They had chicken waffles *__* I ended up getting past though because they fried the chicken and it seemed too heavy, plus the pasta was only 950 yen! So cheap~ lol

We stayed there for a while and caught up on everything. Future plans, dating, friends, etc, etc.

Jana has one more year left in Japan and she will be returning to California to get into masters programs. She has already been looking at universities :]

I told her about my future plans of coming back, and aiming for Nagoya. I'm most likely going to be teaching English so she was telling me some stuff to expect.

Jana also went to Korea and told me about her trip. She really liked Korea, even maybe more thank Japan. I really want to go to  Korea but money :/ I will go next time I come back to Japan.

Me and Jana talked about our overall experience in Japan and how we really enjoyed it. Jana seems to be tired of teaching though and is ready to go to school again.

We also talked about how we are very grateful to be from California, and grateful for our parents immigrating there. No, not the U.S., but California lol. Me and Jana agree that there is a distinct difference between California and other states.

We are lucky to be living in a state with such diverse cultures, and being in Japan helped us realize this. Diversity is a lovely thing, though being in a homogenous society doesn't bother me too much to be honest. Just lets me appreciate diversity more.

Anyways, we talked about a lot of things but couldn't catch up completely since Jana had to leave at 4pm. It was still nice to catch up though.

We might meet up again, but if not, the next time will be in California since she will be visiting this summer :]

Friday, June 20, 2014

Random walks.

Yesterday after class, I ended up running into Ah Young. It had been forever since we have hung out so we decided to go eat and catch up.

We went to get Indian food, the usual place at Mita. The naan was bigger than usual and I ended up eating more than usual. Both me and Ah Young are watching our weight so we decided to walk a few stations instead of taking the train because if we took the train we would just laze about at home.

Also, Ah Young's teiki expired so it would save her money.

We talked about random things, but mostly about plans of coming back and finding a job in Japan once we graduate.

We ended up walking through many small neighborhoods. It was really nice! I haven't walked through neighborhoods in forever, always walking past businesses and restaurants so to walk by houses was a nice change.

There was even one section that reminded me of California and another section reminded AhYoung of San Francisco.

And there were so many beautiful flowers. The weather was just nice yesterday, reminded me of California weather.

We ended up walking 6 km, Mita station to Musashikoyama. I was really tired by the end since we got lost a few times and me and any form of movement has been nonexistent lately but it was a good kind of tired, I was happy.

I came home and took a nap which hindered my sleeping schedule but it's all good.

Tomorrow I will be meeting up with Jana one last time before I leave back to California. I am excited to see her.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Until the End.

Wednesday was a lovely day. After my classes, I met up with Lyy in Shibuya where we did the usual of getting sushi for lunch.

It's been getting warmer, so I decided to buy some summer clothes.  I don't like shopping much, but was able to find two summer dresses at H&M. I'll probably go to Forever 21 one more time before I leave and then I'll be done.

Afterwards, we were pretty tired so we just went to Tower Records. Coldrain's new mini album was released so I of course bought it. There was a stand with SiM as well since they recently released a new dvd.

There were a lot of things going on at Tower Records that day actually and one of them was promotional stands for Linkin Park. Oh the memories~

Me and Lyy just stayed and chilled at Tower Records Cafe as always. It's our new spot since Silkream closes so early and A to Z is a bit of a walk and we are lazy.

For once, I didn't want nachos :o I ended up craving pasta, so I got a salmon pasta which was yummy.

We stayed till the last train and when I got home I listened to the new coldrain mini album. It was good, though there were more soft songs than harder ones, I still really liked it. House of Cards stood out to me.

Time is flying by really fast. I'm going to be pretty busy these next few weeks with papers and meeting with friends since I'm leaving soon. Forty days left.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Feeding the homeless in Asakusa.

Yesterday was an unexpectedly long day. I had class from 9am and didn't get back home till 11:30pm, plus the night before I only had 3 hours of sleep lol.

I went to my final class and I ended up going to the field trip to Asakusa to field the homeless.

I swear, my Buddism and Social Suffering class is probably the only class I got the most out of when it comes to learning. And that is out of all the classes I've taken at Keio. This teacher really took an effort to make the most of his connects and really have his students experience things first hand.

I didn't have to go on this field trip since I already went to the one in Kamakura but I thought this would be a good experience, and I was peer pressured by my friends and the teacher lol.

The people at the temple were really nice though. We made onigiri to give to the homeless. It was lots of fun, and I got to sample it when the rice was nice and warm.

We introduced ourselves and talked to the other people who were volunteering. They do this twice a month, on Mondays. They usually chant before they head out. Unfortunately, I forgot what sect of Buddhism they are part of.

I headed out with my friend Tim, another classmate, and 3 Japanese people that do this regularly. We went along the Sumida river. There were many houses that the homeless built.

What these people are called are ひとさじの会 (hitosaji no kai) and they usually knock on the houses and give them food, tea, and ask them if there is any medicine they need and give it to them.

Unfortunately, quite a few of the houses were empty because they had been cleared out by the cops already. But some where still there. We did this for a few hours or so.

The homeless people were really kind, and nice to talk to. One of them gave us a omiyage from Chiba, he was one of the ones who had a job but it still was not going well.

I really enjoyed this experience. Homelessness is definitely something people overlook in Japan, they just don't bother with it. To be honest, I don't think about it much either but after this, I definitely want to look more into it.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Just like back in California.

Boy, has it been a good while since I have met up with these two fellas. Naoya had recently liked one of my photos on Facebook so I messaged him and he told me he was just about to message me too lol. We chatted a bit and decided to meet up before I left back to California.

Shotaro is never on any forms of social networks, LINE or Facebook so Naoya asked him when he was free and we planned the day.

We ended up meeting in Akihabara and went to karaoke. I thought meeting in Akihabara was pretty random, but Shotaro thought I still lived in Sugamo (yeah, that's how long it's been lol).

We did the usual, go to a konbini, buy alcohol, sneak it into the karaoke place, and sing for several hours while getting tipsy.

They brought a friend named Yuki. She was very nice, and was a good singer :D we had the same taste of music, and it was soo much fun to sing rock songs with her. We sang Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard and Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Shotaro sang all my favorites, and same with Naoya. I really missed hearing them sing. It was definitely nostalgic and reminded me of the times back in California.

I was talking to Shotaro for a bit since it had been forever seen I'd seen him, longer than Naoya. And while Naoya and Yuki were singing I admitted to Shotaro that back in California I had a crush on him. He immediately smiled and was surprised and said he liked me too but didn't think I liked him since he was Japanese -__- lol wtf kind of reasoning is that lol.

It doesn't matter now, but I told him he should learn from this haha. I didn't make any moves since his love life was complicated at that time. It was just nice to talk about our stuff out in the open haha.

We sang karaoke for 4 hours and then it was time to head back. Shotaro told me he wanted to meet up with me one more time before I go back to California, but it wouldn't be till July since he is currently busy with two jobs.

I hugged all of them goodbye, including Yuki :] she was really so sweet. And I left to meet up with Lyy.

I was happy to see them again before I left. They really bring nostalgic feelings.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Lately • California Plans

Besides the occasional bumps, life has been treating me well and I'm very happy. Me and Lyy have been going out quite frequently recently, and randomly.

Last night, we stayed out in Hamamatsucho all night because we didn't want to go home. We just sat in random parks and talked all night, and oddly enough we weren't exhausted, we were totally genki lol. Well, until we actually got on the train lol. It was quite pleasant though.

It's already halfway through June.

I'm not looking forward to it soon being July and I'll be leaving Japan but as always, I am excited to go back to California.

There are so many things I need to do once I go back. Get a part-time job, save money for Japan, study Japanese seriously again, dye my hair red, workout seriously, do photoshoots, and if I am lucky get another tattoo.

I was able to find housing, and though it is not going to be quite as pleasant as my previous housing and my housing in Japan, I sucked it up because it would be easier than living at home at commuting every day.

I will be living with 5 other girls, and sharing a room with one so it's not too bad. Plus, it was the cheapest I could find. Hopefully I will be in the park doing homework, working out, or working. If I actually have motivation to do the shit I want to.

If all goes as planned, my final year at UCI will be a productive one. I'm going to try my best :]

As for Japan, I will continue to make the most of the little time I have left.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Today, I met up with Chu! ♡ It had been forever since I seen her, last July to be exact :o she was just starting her study abroad experience in Irvine when I was getting ready to leave to Japan.

Due to conflict of schedules, this was the first time we were able to hang out since she been back. I was pretty happy to hang out with her and forgot how much I liked her.

We talked about music, her study abroad experience in Irvine, mine in Japan. I told her I was planning on coming back to Japan and she was super happy to hear it but when I told her I might go to Nagoya she was a bit bummed.

We bonded over our dislike of conceited girls/foreign girls and shared just talked about our different experiences in Japan and California.

It was really nice, Chu is so chill I can totally get along with her. And it's a plus we have the same taste in music :]

We ended up going to the Korean restaurant I went with Ah Young and Lyy. I swear I love that place, it's my favorite lol.

And it was pretty interesting because the waiter lived in California before and was actually a student at UC Irvine as well but then transferred to a university in Japan after doing military service in Korea. I was like wtfff, since both me and Chu obviously went to UCI, he was surprised as well.

And I guessed he went to Temple since I had friends who studied there as well and it's close to Keio, which he did. It was weird lol, such a small world! Especially, Japan lol.

He was quite cute and I told Chu she should make a move if we go there again and he is there haha. She was so cute about it >< ♡

But when we were walking out to the frozen yogurt place we were talking about how cute he was and then he showed up next to us and said hi and we were like "WTF O__O" and then waved goodbye since he was walking ahead haha. Chu got embarrassed but I was just trippin' out since he came from nowhere lol Chu is so cute xD

Anyways, we went to get frozen yogurt and it was so yummy~ I love it so much. We stayed there and talked for a good while and before we knew it, it was time to go home!

I really missed Chu and really hope I can hang out with her again before I leave.

I keep saying this, I really don't want to leave Japan >< I am looking forward to going back to California but I don't want to leave Japan. So bummed, I'll try my best to come back really soon though if everything works out as planned!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lili and Toshi's Birthday Celebration • Rain, Rain, Rain

Yesterday, was Lili's and Toshi's birthday celebration. Since it was raining quite a bit, I really was getting lazy to go but knew I had to lol.

Anyways, I got ready and left with some of the HIH people. Our feet were soaked by the time we got there and the bar was small and packed but it was lots of fun.

This was actually the bar that me and Lyy had gone to with Michael when we were waiting for the first train, small world.

They had food and all you can drink, for 3000 yen which is expensive as fuck in my book but since it's Lili's and Toshi's bday I paid of course lol.

It ended up being really fun, I met lots of new people :]

I wasn't planning on going clubbing but my friends convinced me, and of course the alcohol helped lol.

It was chill, I danced with all my friends and Lili and had lots of fun :]

I was mostly chillin' with Yuki which was one of Toshi's friends that I met. We had the same taste in music and both lived in Hiyoshi so we just went back together when the club closed.

Though the rain made it tiring, it was lots of fun. I'm still really surprised on how quickly the rainy season came. It was nice weather and then BAM showers lol.

But it's nice because it's not too hot. The only pain in the ass thing is finding shoes that don't get wet. Don't want to invest in rain boots since I'm heading back to California and will never use them lol.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Yesterday was Lili's birthday. And although she is celebrating it with Toshiki on Friday, she wanted to do something on her actual birthday.

We were going to go to a Mexican restaurant that she liked and then go to clubbing at Harlem since hip hop is her favorite and she is friends with many of the people there.

The Mexican restaurant was pretty good, I was so happy to have beans again omg lol. I forgot how much I love them, and they had yummy cocktails.

Also, it had an amazing night view that my iphone could not capture lol. It was so nice though, I would really want to go there again sometime.

We surprised Lili with a cake and she was totally happy haha. She loves birthdays, especially hers haha.

After eating, we went to Harlem. Lili was already tipsy but everyone else wasn't really lol. Some headed back home because they had class the next day while some of us went to the conibini to get some more alcohol.

I really didn't want to drink conbini alcohol, or alcohol in general for that matter for some reason so I passed.

After everyone drank their drinks we headed inside to the club.

I danced a bit here and there, but really wasn't into it. I don't know, I'm just not really into clubbing anymore. But of course, I wanted to be there for Lili' birthday so it was okay :]

We saw Taiga and Takahiro. It had been forever since I'd seen them but we talked for a bit.

Lili was pretty drunk and kept bouncing everywhere and then the alcohol hit her pretty bad and she just basically knocked out.

I took care of her though, she was pretty drunk and just kept sleeping but I stayed by her side and got her water and stuff.

I ended up meeting some new and interesting people though, and since I didn't want to dance I actually enjoyed myself even if I was just taking care of Lili. I don't mind these kind of things actually.

After a few hours she got a bit better after going to the toilet and then she was all genki again lol but by then the club was already closing.

We chilled with Haru and Hiroya. Since Lili was still genki she didn't want to go home so we all just chilled outside and just talked for another hour or so.

I ended up meeting this one guy that works at the place that me and Lyy always go to do our hair. At first i didn't recognize him when he came up to me but then I realized who he was and was like WTFF haha. He was nice though, but I forgot his name -__- lol

Anyways, me, Lili, Haru, and Hiroya were all talking about hanging out. Hiroya kept telling me he really liked me and wanted to date me. He likes to joke around a lot so I didn't think he was serious but Lili says she thinks he probably is lol -.-

He's funny, and so persistent because it had been forever since I'd seen him and he told me the same thing last time lol. I never take guys seriously.

Eventually, Haru was nice enough to take us home in his car. Lili knocked out while I talked to Haru and Hiroya and listened to M-flo and CREAM.

They were surprised I knew them, and apparently Hiroya is friends with Verbal and CREAM.

We eventually got back where me and Lili talked a bit more and knocked out.

It was really a fun day even though I didn't really do what you should be doing at a club, which was dancing and drinking haha. But it was nice being there for Lili and talking to Haru and Hiroya.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Making Friends in Bathrooms.

The amount of LINE ids I got last Friday night due to meeting them in the bathroom was a bit strange but awesome at the same time lol.

Yesterday me and Lyy went to go meet up with Michael who invited us to his bar to drink. They were having a special where all drinks were 300 yen. I wasn't planning on drinking, but these type of atmospheres make me nervous lol so I drank a bit more than expected.

Me and Lyy just chilled at the bar and talked. We were worried it was going to be another Rockaholic episode but luckily it didn't turn that way. We talked with the half Peruvian guy which we later found out his name was Eyner. Which is an interesting name.

It was cute because he wanted to speak English and practice so he would practice with me and Lyy. I also spoke to him in Spanish since he can speak it a bit as well :]

After a few shots and some good music playing I kept getting excited whenever a song I liked came on. Which, according to Lyy was almost every song haha. My friends always tell me this because when a song plays I'm like "I LIKE THIS SONG!" then the next song plays and it's the same thing haha.

What can I say? I love music, lol.

It's my time of the month so I would go to the bathroom to do lady things lol and while being there I met like 3 random Japanese girls 3 different times. They were so nice and cute like wtf.

They would tell me I'm super pretty and cool and they want to be friends with me. This has never happened to me in most Japanese girls give me dirty looks or ignore me so for them to be talking to me randomly was so strange but nice.

I felt weird that they thought I was so pretty though because again, that doesn't happen here lol. I say I'm usually not Japanese guys' type and they told me it's because I'm they probably think they don't stand a chance haha they were so sweet. They also thought I was half, again it's been a while since I heard this. It's such a compliment though ;__; lol

I exchanged LINE ids with 3 different girls at 3 different times lol. I don't know if I'll actually hang out with them or if they were just drunk and asking in the moment but it was still nice to meet them. I'm actually texting two of them now.

I was back with Lyy and I don't know how but some random guy came and was there. I was talking to him for a bit but he was a bit touchy so me and Lyy didn't like him.

Lyy disappeared for a bit so I went to look for her in the bathroom. Apparently, she wasn't feeling too well, too many shots D:

Then there was a guy in the girl's bathroom, like wtf. Lyy said apparently he had no shirt but I don't remember. He was tall as fuck though, apparently 192cm! And yes, he was Japanese lol, he plays basketball.

I also met his friend who was half Japanese and half black. He didn't speak any English, which probably surprised most people since he looks more foreigner than anything but he was really chill and cool to talk to as well :]

After Lyy got out of the bathroom we decided to head home since she wasn't feeling to well.

It was such a random night but oddly fun, lol. Michael invited me to a clubbing event Sunday night but I decided to be a good student and study for my Japanese midterm. Which seems like it went well!

Tomorrow is Lili's birthday and we are going to go clubbing with a group of friends to celebrate. Then Friday is the actual birthday celebration with our friend Toshiki (different from the Yokohama Toshiki lol).

Though I'm a bit excited for it, I'm also a bit tired of going out T__T lol. Also, a lot of my friends are making plans to see me before I go back to California. I'm hoping to be more free from next week.

To be honest, I'm mostly looking forward to Wednesday night. But I won't say anything about that just yet :]

Sunday, June 1, 2014

It's June.

Two more months of me being in Japan. Seriously, can't believe it.
I was looking forward to go back to California and enjoy my last year at UCI,
but with some things coming up, it seems like it might not be as pleasant as I thought.

Though the plans are up in the air, my mom is planning on me commuting from my hometown to UCI. And that is something, I am not down with. 

I despise my shit-hole of a hometown. Visiting is okay, but living? No. 

Setting aside, the fact that I don't like my hometown. There's also the issue of it being and hour commute and that is not including the days with heavy traffic. Fun.

Oh, how the tables have turned. My lovely last year at my uni that I initially imagined is now going to be more stressful than needed and all over the place. 

I just hope I can figure crap out, I don't like leaving things up in the air. Well, come August I will be able to figure out everything. It's the housing that is the most stressful thing for me at this point. 

Damn overpriced, undergraduate housing.