Sunday, May 25, 2014

Zazen in the Mountains of Kamakura.

Saturday was a long day, after getting up at 5am to do an early shoot in Harajuku I had to head to Kamakura to go on a field trip for one of my Buddhism classes. 

I fell asleep a bit on the train and luckily arrived early at Kitakamakura station where we were suppose to meet.

We walked to kinjou ji temple, which is a zen temple. My teacher is friends will monks here and the monk we were going to see was going to talk to us about the suicide prevention program they do.

It was really interesting, I've been interested in suicide in Japan ever since learning about the suicide forest. We got to ask questions and have discussion as well. And they even served tea and cookies which was quite nice since I was starving.

After discussion, we got to do some zazen meditation. It was definitely an experience. Sitting there and trying to think of nothing. It would work for a bit but my mind would eventually wander. I got better the second time though.

After meditation we got to explore the temple a bit, where they were having some performance going on. The temple was so big and pretty. My teacher said it's even prettier in the spring since they have many cherry blossoms.

After walking around the temple, the class voted to go to this shrine at the top of the mountain that was a 10 minute walk from the temple.

It was a walk that consisted of many stairs and I definitely got a work out. But it was such nice weather, and the view made it all worth it. Plus, who doesn't like a free work out? lol

The view of the ocean was amazing, and my teacher said on clear days you could see Mt Fuji. It was a bit hazy so we couldn't see it but the view of the ocean was good enough for me. It reminded me of Orange County.

We didn't leave Kamakura till around 6pm, so it was so tiring but I still had fun. I would have never gone here on my own, let alone know about this temple if it wasn't for this class.

Classes abroad, my loves. That's how some teachers make the most of it. 

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