Sunday, May 4, 2014

Wandering Around Shinjuku.

Yesterday was a pleasant day ^-^ I met up with Lyy around 2pm at Ikebukuro so I could go to the Kit Kat store and buy some chocolates for Yashin before we left to Nagoya.

The spicy kit kat was going to be a joke for the times when he tormented Hiro to eat the spicy things when we ate sushi lol. Then, I was going to buy him white chocolate since he said that was his favorite. It was a bit pricey but since Yashin always does so much I didn't care about it.

Afterwards, me and Lyy went to Shinjuku to look for the bus stop that we were going to have to go to when we departed to Nagoya. Since Shinjuku is big and confusing I thought it would be best that we went ahead of time in case it was difficult to find.

Sure enough, it was pretty difficult to find LOL. But while looking for the bus stop I came across the big "love" sign I would see in photos. I completely forgot I wanted to see this, so I was happy I just stumbled across it.

I took a few photos around the area because it was actually pretty nice. Usually Shinjuku is associated with trashiness but this area was clean, quiet, and pleasant. Probably because it was in the business area haha, oh well~

After we found the bus stop we just chilled and talked a bit but eventually got hungry so we started to walk to Shin Okubo to get Korean food :D

I took Lyy to the same place I went with Ah Young. It was so delicious and so much food. We got full quickly but I forced myself to eat it all because I didn't want to waste any. So good though.

Afterwards me and Lyy were too full to get dessert so we chilled at 7-11 and then when the sitting area closed we went to the frozen yogurt place and just chilled there talking until our last train.

It was so much fun. Especially with the kpop video playing in the background, and when BIGBANG or GD would come up we would be like "I like this song!" haha.

And a group of cute Korean guys came in towards the end of the night. Nice eye candy ;D haha

It was a really fun day ^-^ Tomorrow we leave early in the morning for Nagoya! Still need to pack D:

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