Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tower Records • Random Night Out with Lyy

I was meeting up with Lyy after my class. She was planning on getting her piercing but they only do it on the weekends so she made an appointment to do it for Friday.

We weren't too hungry, so we decided to just chill at Tower Records Cafe and get some nachos. We weren't up for walking around so we just stayed there and talked. Which was quite, nice. We stayed there for quite a bit, from around 5:30 to 10:30pm so we shared some taco rice and dessert as well.

We still weren't up for going back home. We were planning on taking our last trains back, mine being at 12:15am. So we chilled in this empty spot in Shibuya near Silkream on a random pair of stairs.

Lyy was smoking and I was just chilling next to her. The weather was lovely, not too hot and not too cold. Though the weather has been getting pretty warm during the day and I can't stand it, the night weather is making me not mind it as much.

We stayed there, chilling and talking for a bit. I was actually in a mood to go drinking but had class tomorrow and I was getting sleepy so we decided we were just going to head back.

Just then, some guys were passing by and one of them came up to us and was asking if we wanted to go hang out right now.

I was a bit iffy about it, but then I thought "fuck it" and decided we should go. Lyy was a bit hesitant as well, and we were going to head back but the guy convinced us to just hang out for a bit and we can leave for our first train.

The other guy called his friend and we went to his friend's bar to play darts.

They introduced us to the bar owner who spoke English pretty decently. They asked me if I was half (that hasn't happened in a while lol) when I told them no and that I was Mexican they all yelled "hey-heyyy!" and some guy from behind the dj stand yelled "hola" haha. Apparently he was half Peruvian.

The whole setting was pretty chill to be honest, we just drank and played darts. Lyy, who was a bit iffy at first ended up enjoying herself :] Haha, you could totally tell Take was into her xD

They asked us if we wanted to leave for the last train or go but since we were actually enjoying ourselves we decided to stay and keep playing.

☓ ☓ ☓

After a few games or darts we ended up going to karaoke, which was in the bar as well. All the guys really liked pop, hip hop, rap, R&B, etc. So I was really excited because lately I've been in a nostalgic mood listening to old hip hop songs from my high school days.

Michael was saying how they really like West side music. I don't man, this isn't the first time Japanese mention this thing. At Harlem, they would be asking "which side do you support/listen to/like?" I'm here like... "uhh I listen to music?" lol. I listen to all hip-hop and rap regardless of the "sides" they are from.

To be honest, I don't even know which side most of the rappers represent unless it is blatantly stated in their songs and I don't really care. But Japanese seem to take it seriously. Like, you can't like Southside if you like East or West, and crap like that.

Michael was saying that, but I felt I always feel that it is strange when Japanese state which "side" they listen to lol.

Anyways, we ended up singing Alicia Keys, Usher, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, etc. It was a lot of fun. They even sang Backstreet Boys haha. And, the one Japanese song that I can actually sing along to, 小さな恋の歌. Brings back good memories of Proposal Daisakusen :] and it was quite nostalgic for them as well.

After some karaoke, we were going to leave to go to another bar but I was thinking out loud and said I was hungry. The guys were also a bit hungry so we ate sushi which was literally right across the street lol. Lyy wasn't really hungry but she still decided to have a bit.

We got to the subject of types as usual haha. They asked me my type and I said guys with tattoos. Lyy's was guys with long hair. They then got to the awkward subject of which one out of the three of them we would date if they were their only choices.

Lyy didn't want to answer but Take answered for her and said him haha. I lied and told them I had a boyfriend so I was able to slide my way out of this one lol.

Take ended up heading back, we ended up staying with Takero and Michael. Michael, the owner of the bar we were just at, ended up taking us to his friend's bar this time.

☓ ☓ ☓

By this time, I was really tired though. We had an hour till the first train. We were drinking some more and just chillin. I felt bad for Takero who had work the next day at 10am. But it was actually his birthday yesterday so they kept forcing him to drink lol #thatjapanesedrinkinglife

Michael ended up introducing us to more of his friends. The bar owner, and some other guy named Akira who me and Lyy didn't like too much for reasons.

We stayed there and chilled some more. Again, we got to the subject of types and they thought it was weird that I thought shy guys were cute. And they assumed I only like shy guys. Which again, is another thing Japanese people tend to do.

For some reason, it's always one or the other, it can't be both. I think it didn't help that Lyy said she doesn't like them lol. But, I explained to them, that I don't know about Japan but where I'm from, people can have different tastes in the type of guys they like and find different aspects of them attractive.

So I told them, I think both shy guys and confident guys are attractive in my book. Shy guys are cute and I like them because of that. Meanwhile, I also like confident and aggressive guys because they are really hot lol.

When I explained it to them like this they ended up getting it. Michael then told me blatantly that he thinks he would be my type. Haha cocky bastard, but who knows, he might be lol.

☓ ☓ ☓

After a while, we ended up heading back to the train station. On the way to the station there were some gyaru and gyaru-o hanging around. One girl was crawling on the floor with her hair in her face. She looked creepy as fuck and Michael yelled out, "Heyyy Sadako!!" and we all laughed because we all must have been thinking the same thing.

If her hair was black, I swear it would have been like Sadako. The gyaru-o that was with her was laughing and also yelled back "Sadako!" haha.

Once we got to the station, we exchanged contact info and they said they would hit us up to hang out again. I hugged Lyy goodbye and the rest too since they were also going with Lyy on the Yamanote line lol. I then went on my way to the train.

I knocked out and luckily woke up right at Hiyoshi. Thank goodness! It would have sucked to miss my stop.

I had class, but just passed out and missed it. I know, I'm a shitty student. But this was something that Lyy actually needed. She was a bit down, and this helped her get her mind off shit. She never does this kind of stuff. She said she really enjoyed herself.

She doesn't like clubbing, and though I don't mind it, I prefer a bar setting and after last night she realized a bar setting was a good type of outing as well :]

Funny, because I'm not really an outgoing person but I am more of one compared to Lyy. So how Lili pushes me to be more outgoing and do random shit, I do the same for Lyy.

Me and Lyy talk about this, good things usually happen to us when we are together. If she wasn't in my life it would be completely different.

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